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Synonyms for intersperse

Synonyms for intersperse

place at intervals in or among

introduce one's writing or speech with certain expressions

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Curran intersperses short chapters with various girls' stories about first kisses, sex, dating, and horoscopes.
Within these main themes, Melosh intersperses topics such as adoptability assessments of children, religious matching, birth parents' rights and economic considerations.
The performance intersperses candid, man-on-the-street interviews, contemporary dance and the music of Rage Against the Machine, Gloria Gaynor and others in an examination of how individual actions have collective ramifications across cultures.
In addition, Park, the Newbery Medal-winning author of A Single Shard and other books for young readers, intersperses chapters of "dialog" between herself and Julia, giving the story behind the story: how and why she wrote the book.
He intersperses his tale with a running account of the Imperial diehards' final abortive coup attempt to delay the inevitable.