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The brook, of which the banks were clothed with dense masses of a gigantic species of maidenhair fern interspersed with feathery tufts of wild asparagus, sung merrily at our side, the soft air murmured through the leaves of the silver trees, doves cooed around, and bright-winged birds flashed like living gems from bough to bough.
Of course there was a rapture, followed by one of the deliciously confidential talks which bosom friends enjoy, interspersed with tears and kisses, smiles and sighs.
The country rises in successive steps of table-land, interspersed with some truncate conical hills, and the horizon is bounded by an irregular chain of more lofty mountains.
The surface is very uneven, rising like the waves of a troubled sea, descending low, and interspersed by rifts that sink deep.
I connect these specimens of his conversation, though they were doubtless detached at the time, and interspersed with remarks of mine here and there.
He advanced at once into an immensity of greasy slime and damp plaster interspersed with lamps, and enveloped, oppressed, penetrated, choked, and suffocated by the blackness of a wet London night, which is composed of soot and drops of water.
The noises were sufficiently removed and shut out from the counting-house to blend into a busy hum, interspersed with periodical clinks and thumps.
Dawkins launched into a glowing description of the numerous pleasures incidental to the life they led, interspersed with a variety of hints to Oliver that the best thing he could do, would be to secure Fagin's favour without more delay, by the means which they themselves had employed to gain it.
Here the spinster aunt burst into fit number two, of hysteric laughter interspersed with screams.
DNA methylation of the long interspersed nucleotide element-1 (LINE-1) and the short interspersed nucleotide element Alu were measured in blood samples from 706 participants in the Normative Aging Study.
Interspersed repeats, also known as transposable elements, are DNA sequences that can "jump" around the genome, causing mutations in the host and contributing to expansion of the genome.
It reads like a thriller, with the action of wartime (winter, 1945) interspersed with mysteries of identity in 1995.
Interspersed with beautiful color photographs, Change Your Life Through Travel does not offer specific travel plans or routes, but rather is packed with ideas for taking charge of the pleasurable, spiritual, and life-enriching aspects of travel.
animated movie interspersed with real information about life at the bottom of the world.
The mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit (MIRU) typing method (11) was used to genotype strains from these patients.