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Synonyms for intersperse

Synonyms for intersperse

place at intervals in or among

introduce one's writing or speech with certain expressions

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Chapters intersperse true anecdotes with solid general advice, and recount a wealth of most unusual situations involving washed-up celebrities, the mob, the aspirations of crazed chefs, the whims of mega call girls, and much more.
Aside from a brief introduction, no essays intersperse the eye-catching plates, each of which takes up a whole page with a blank page opposite in a two-page spread.
Black-and-white illustrations intersperse the text in this delightful introduction to an enduring legend.
0 of Intersperse Manager, the industry's most advanced solution targeting the monitoring needs of next-generation J2EE and .
A handful of black-and-white illustrations intersperse the methodical, philosophical, and spiritual discussions of all aspects of the tea ceremony.
Catchy poems intersperse the upbeat vignette stories in this warmly recommended novel.
Expected for completion in spring of 2005, the project, known as "Historic Front Street," will include significant "green design," and intersperse elements of modern architecture within an historic district.
Thoughtful quotations intersperse the panoramic images in this brief but beautiful treasury especially recommended for armchair travelers and nature lovers.
The instructions are easy to follow, and cooking tips for beginners intersperse the recipes.
Intersperse Manager is a distributed, production management solution that is designed to provide whole-system visibility and real-time control over an enterprise's service-oriented applications running on the BEA WebLogic Platform, including BEA WebLogic Sever(R), BEA WebLogic Portal(TM) and BEA WebLogic Integration(TM).