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Synonyms for interspersal

the act of combining one thing at intervals among other things

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Too much reinforcement, too little behavior: assessing task interspersal procedures in conjunction with different reinforcement schedules with autistic children.
An empirical analysis of interspersal research evidence, implications, and applications of the discrete task completion hypothesis.
An empirical analysis of interspersal research: Evidence, implications and applications of the discrete task completion hypothesis.
Consequences again consisted of natural consequences, involving idiosyncratic social reinforcers and activity interspersal.
The effects of interspersal instruction versus high density reinforcement on spelling acquisition and retention.
The effects of interspersal training versus high-density reinforcement on spelling acquisition and retention.
The second major difficulty of the novel for critics is the nature of the novel's composition, its modernistic interspersal of four "forms" or "frames": the twelve fictional narratives, the historical biographies, the "Newsreels," and the "Camera Eyes" (the author's autobiographical prosepoems), all of which derive "directly from [Dos Passos's] representative intention, his desire to get at the truth about his time with any available instrument" (Schwartz 178).
The interspersal of events is spread over more than a dozen locations served by a static two-tier set.
Interspersal of known items in a treatment package to teach sight words to students with behavior disorders.
Schmitter's interspersal of this second -- mystery -- narrative strand effectively explodes the generic expectations of the adultery novel, giving Frau Sartoris a decidedly modern twist.
As regards the first, Johnson distinguishes two distinct attributes of verse able to sustain sound enactment, these being the phonological sounds of individual letters or vocables, and the duration of sounds and the interspersal among them of silences or 'intervals'.
In either of these two cases does there remain very much geographical interspersal.
We reviewed studies in seven categories of instruction: (a) student choice of task, (b) task variation, (c) pace of instruction, (d) interspersal of high-probability tasks, (e) partial- versus whole-task training, (f) task difficulty, and (g) a multi-element package.
To determine the appropriate ratios of known and unknown words, the authors used guidelines from the interspersal drill research that indicates the most efficient ratio is 50:50 (Roberts, Turco, & Shapiro 1991).
VB is naturalistic, VB is fast paced, VB is a further evolution of DTI, VB uses interspersal, VB uses sign).