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a space or interval between objects or points

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singular model that can accommodate both intertemporal and interspatial
Observing that the sensory data from natural phenomenon usually has intratemporal and interspatial correlation, various methods have been proposed to make use of those characteristics [9].
Another leads toward expansion, use of multiple voices and points of view, and an interspatial conception of self, hovering in the spaces between one speaker and another, and between images and their reflections" (36).
Resting on a thorough consideration of Indian hydrology and physiography, Chaturvedi outlines technologies such as interspatial intertemporal pumped storage development.
In the recent past and through to the present, video games use interspatial 3D, where you go into worlds.
As a result of these earlier research findings, this study sought to determine the governance of marine living resources, the importance of gaining international acceptance to freedom of navigation, the values that the ocean and coastal environments provide to human society, and the intergenerational and interspatial challenges in ocean governance.
The progress--and the differential speed of progress across different geographical areas and types of market (Buckley and Ghauri 2004)--of globalisation has co-evolved with faster and cheaper transportation and has led to far higher degrees of interspatial specialisation.
Strategic behavior could be conceptualized in this case as either intertemporal or interspatial. (20) Williamson suggests that dominant firms will adapt to whatever predatory pricing rule is in effect in order to reduce the profits of a potential entrant to zero if the entrant chooses to enter.
In these environments, financial instruments such as fiat money and private debt can sometimes improve the efficiency of resource allocations by facilitating intertemporal and interspatial trades.
(3) An interdisciplinary connection can be made here: the notion of studying performance as performance, rather than archival text, echoes critical work in the field of performance studies, from Diana Taylor's focus on the dynamism of the repertoire, as opposed to the static "archive" of indexical knowledge, to Shannon Jackson's "interspatial" methodology that emphasizes a genealogy of practice and physical place.
The opportunity space integrates time and space, making it possible to address questions about temporary territories, spatial competition, and interspatial dynamics in spatially dispersed or virtual meshworks.