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Synonyms for intersecting

crossed or intersected in the form of an X

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I had entered the city from the south and now stood on the corner of the avenue through which I had passed and the first intersecting avenue south of the plaza.
I dared not attempt to halt in the darkness of any of the many intersecting corridors, for I knew nothing of the direction they might take.
Suddenly I heard the shuffling noise at my right, and, looking, saw another pair of eyes, evidently approaching from an intersecting corridor.
Here was a view characteristic of Tierra del Fuego; irregular chains of hills, mottled with patches of snow, deep yellowish-green valleys, and arms of the sea intersecting the land in many directions.
Three additional holes have recently been completed beneath Michelin, intersecting mineralization at vertical depths of 450 metres, 550 metres and 700 metres.
NT-031 intersected 117 meters of breccia with highly anomalous gold values (identical to the breccia intersected in NT-32) before intersecting the one meter section of 69.
Target KD-209 was a magnetic low anomaly tested by a vertical hole, intersecting 4.
Drilling is continuing across the Washington vein, with hole RBU-28 intersecting visible gold 300 feet west of previously-mined areas, and RBU-23 intersecting 4 quartz veins with visible gold within 30 feet of core length.