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Synonyms for suture

a seam used in surgery

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thread of catgut or silk or wire used by surgeons to stitch tissues together

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join with a suture

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Indore (MP) during March 2015 till sample size achieved where continuous suture and interrupted suture (figure of eight) was applied in 50 each patients with following observation and results.
Connell used a single layer of interrupted sutures incorporating all layers 1 of the bowel .
The use of tension-relieving sutures in addition to an appositional simple interrupted suture pattern after ventriculotomy appeared to result in minimal inflammation during healing.
In the 3rd group patients "Osteon" was applied on a bone wound, outer cortex was applied with "Colla Guide" resorbable membrane to be subsequently covered with mucoperiosteal flap fixed by vicril 3-0 interrupted suture (Ethicon, Jonhson & Johnson, USA).
Surface alignment is then accomplished at each flap corner with a simple interrupted suture.
Skin was closed with interrupted suture, while the drain was left in the subcutaneous tissue.
A comparison of simple continuous versus simple interrupted suture patterns for tracheal anastomosis after large-segment tracheal resection in dogs.
5) Almeida SF, Rieco MI compared the continuous and interrupted techniques and found more pain in interrupted suture technique.
If mesh is used, hemostasis should be ensured when the vagina is closed using interrupted suture with little or no mucosal excision, thereby minimizing tension at the suture line and hopefully reducing the risk of postoperative mesh exposure.
9) In a study of tracheal resection and anastomosis in rabbits, an interrupted suture pattern provoked less stenosis than a continuous one.
The corneal laceration was sutured using simple interrupted suture pattern.
Objectives: To compare the efficacy of semi-continuous technique and interrupted suture technique for mitral valve replacement in early post-operative period.
4,6,9,22) Optimal tissue alignment is achieved by using a simple interrupted suture pattern.