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He wrote: "Miss Grace Roseberry"--reflected for a moment--and then added, interrogatively, "Returning to her friends in England?
said Hargrave, interrogatively, and with the air of one prepared to stand on the defensive.
Interrogatively the supposed EU failure demands a great deal of empirical evidence otherwise it will simply be contemptuous of the organization that has survived more than half a century and is considered a model for many modern regional organizations.
As Naomi Rhot Arriaza suggests in The Pinochet Effect (2006, 208-11), small-scale projects work complementarily and interrogatively with the large-scale institutional processes of tribunals, commissions, official apologies, and redress settlements.
The deconstruction of problematization, in our view, do not annihilate the philosophical concerns, but put them in relation with the individual experience which are interrogatively returned of the individual's very own experience, of sources and meanings of them.
They are teachers of the other and of their own tradition when they speak declaratively about the distinctive ways of thinking, appropriating reality, and making meaning that are unique to their community; and they are learners when they engage the other tradition interrogatively, when they "make room" for the other to speak declaratively for and about him/herself.
The poem is interrogatively elegiac, its responses as sonorous as the father in Johann Goethe's Erlkonig, yet exultant.
na) was patient with me as I shuffled interrogatively through his many flats of interesting minerals from Namibia.
All of us need an environment where we can write tentatively and boldly and interrogatively.
the investigator role [is] a classic version of the subject without properties, seeing and listening but not interrogatively seen and heard" (221).
Rather than addressing the Anastasis, he interrogatively led listeners to picture the original tomb, as discussed above.
Not content to reconfigure the meaning of Indian cultural and ethnic identity, Maniam views the notion of an essential Malayness interrogatively.
The word stares back at us as blankly and interrogatively as any of Walker's images--making a promise while undermining the possibility of its fulfillment.