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Synonyms for interrogation

Synonyms for interrogation

a request for data

Synonyms for interrogation

a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply

a transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder

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an instance of questioning

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interrogation, a judge is faced with having to reconstruct what happened
The Ethics of Interrogation may sound like a philosophical discussion.
The term "enhanced interrogation" seems to date back to 2002 and is a clear attempt to get around laws and international treaties banning torture.
While the agency said its interrogation techniques had repeatedly "saved lives," congressional investigators found no evidence of any specific incidents.
And so dawned a nightmare era in which a CIA with little expertise in interrogation worked desperately to gather information that might protect a nation severely traumatized by the events of Sept.
Enhanced interrogation techniques used on terror detainees, including simulated drowning and sleep deprivation, were ineffective in gaining intelligence leads that led to important operations against terrorist groups or prevented attacks on the U.S.
"I also believe that the conditions of confinement and the use of authorized and unauthorized interrogation and conditioning techniques were cruel, inhuman, and degrading.
Shortly after the attacks on 11 September 2001, the CIA drew up a list of new interrogation techniques that included sleep deprivation, slapping, subjection to cold, and "waterboarding".
Americans long have been aware of the broad outlines of the program, including the transport of suspects for harsh interrogations to "black sites" abroad and the use of water-boarding and other interrogation techniques.
The details emerged as minister without portfolio Kenneth ClarKe told MPs there were about 40 occasions when concerns about interrogation techniques by foreign spies were raised.
Lauritzen (religious ethics, John Carroll U.) presents a study of military and investigative ethics concerning the use of torture and harsh interrogation methods.
In a report made public Saturday, the ministry detailed that Jaradat was detained on Feb 18 and went through a tough interrogation process at a Shin Bet facility in Jalameh detention center, Ma'an reported.
'Zero Dark Thirty,' Kathyrn Bigelow's Oscar-nominated film chronicling the hunt for bin Laden that ended with his killing in Pakistan by US special forces in 2011, has sparked a furious debate by implying that torturous interrogation tactics such as water boarding were used in the years-long intelligence-gathering effort that led to the raid.
"Recording an interrogation is the most accurate means of preserving what happened in an interrogation room and what a suspect actually said," Ellis said in an email.
In the latest 'Homeland' episode, Nick Brody, played by Damian Lewis, is now in custody, and the episode took viewers from start to finish of his interrogation. Things got messy for both Damian and his co-star Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison.