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Synonyms for interrogate

Synonyms for interrogate

to question thoroughly and relentlessly to verify facts

Synonyms for interrogate

transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

pose a series of questions to


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Interrogating ends in a focus on the importance of humans as communicative beings, who rely on language, to be in relationship.
Usually it is journalists asking the questions, but for one day only celebrities were given the chance to do the interrogating, to find out new things about each other.
IRA "nutting squads" are notorious for interrogating informers before executing them.
And now Rice, echoing Jonathan Daniel Wells' new account of the origins of the middle class in the ante-bellum south, (2) productively updates these accounts by interrogating the languages of class and the emergence of middle-class subjectivity in the ante-bellum north.
According a Washington Post report, the CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaida captives at Soviet-era compounds in eastern Europe.
13) The Supreme Court found that "the strategy of withholding Miranda warnings until after interrogating and drawing out a confession was promoted not only by his own department but by a national police training organization.
Iraqi judges have started interrogating Saddam Hussein's former defence minister - the notorious general known as Chemical Ali.
By further interrogating the attempts to classify and control the behavior of those inhabiting the "private sphere," McBride's collection offers further insight into the attempted division of public and private life, which worked to devalue women and children.
His study is also a model for scholars interrogating the impact of social location on their work.
At first, Lindh tried to keep his nationality a secret, even as CIA officer Johnny Micheal Spann was interrogating him, as part of the U.
In that case, the interrogating computer receives nothing and eventually displays, "The server is not responding" or something similar.
Helmut Newton's recent, ruthless portrait of a bikini-clad Beecroft provides a devastating, desublimating comparison: The photographer shows a body theatricalizing only its own failure, interrogating nothing.
Reid-Pharr further illustrates that the most common attempt at interrogating Black American subjectivity is through the figure of the tragic mulatto, as represented by the title-character in William Wells Brown's Clotel--functioning as neither black nor white.
The soldiers are constantly interrogating us," a frightened elderly man told me.