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Synonyms for interrogate

Synonyms for interrogate

to question thoroughly and relentlessly to verify facts

Synonyms for interrogate

transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

pose a series of questions to


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Trockel thus interrogates the two sides of our anthropocentric epistemologies--animal and machine--both of which constitute sustained threads in what I am calling her feminist ethics.
But a scholarly counter-narrative, one that interrogates hegemonic aspects of this discourse, is growing.
Solotaroff, with a police guard, walks up to a notorious meth-cooking site and interrogates a white-cooking site and interrogates a white-trash specimen who is equal parts Deliverance technical consultant and ZZTop roadie: "He has broad logger's shoulders, a chest-length beard and eyes that dart from side to side, pulsing in their sockets.
Brown in "Gender and Voice in Hero and Leander" usefully places Marlowe's project of destabilization in "the context of the aesthetic and literary debates of the 1590s": "Thus the poem not only interrogates gender assumptions, it also interrogates the very notion of the aesthetic and the nature of the canon" (148).
In this, he uses the example of Frank Webb's 1857 The Garies and Their Friends, in which he interrogates the project of "cleansing," which he defines as producing a domestic order for the black bourgeois household out of the chaos inherent in the interracial household.
The new microarray interrogates all 16,500 bases of the human mitochondrial genome with only three polymerase chain reactions (PCR), providing scientists with the most efficient and cost-effective method for detecting variants associated with genetic disease, forensics, population studies or stem cells.