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Synonyms for interrogate

Synonyms for interrogate

to question thoroughly and relentlessly to verify facts

Synonyms for interrogate

transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

pose a series of questions to


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During July, the Palestinian Security Forces arrested and detained several journalists, some others had been interrogated.
Six of the accused for terrorism who were arrested during the armed event in Wild Municipality in Kumanovo, were Tuesday interrogated in the Court.
KUWAIT, June 26 (KUNA) -- The Interior Ministry said it interrogated some people suspected of involvement in the attack against Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque downtown Kuwait on Friday.
A GRIEVING dad was interrogated by his son's suspected IRA killer who was later given an OTR letter, the Mirror can reveal today.
18 (Saba)- Presided by judge Mohammed Al-Barghashi, the penal special court of Sana'a ordered that the governor of Marib and the province's commanders of the police and criminal investigation departments be interrogated over the recurrent sabotage attacks against power towers.
The anti-crime police patrols touring the Ras Al Khor area spotted a parked car and interrogated the two men in the vehicle.
The student has been arrested and is being interrogated by the Station House officer (SHO) at the City Police Station.
Global Banking News-October 29, 2014--Bulgarian central bank employees interrogated
To complete the investigation procedures in the current cases, the unit questioned nine witnesses, interrogated 14 Public Security personnel and tasked its forensic doctor to examine three victims to determine their injuries and how and when they occurred (if any).
BJP spokesmen Prakash Javadekar said, "The CBI must interrogate the prime minister in connection with the 2G scam as the matter is in court and the probe will not be completed if he is not interrogated.
Summary: No members of the media may be interrogated or detained before the National Media Council is notified, the country's justice minister has ordered.
The group denied claims that Majid was interrogated during his detention.
City police Monday carried out a search operation in Gangaraam hospital and interrogated number of hospital staff as well as patients and other people.
They have all been interrogated by the prosecutor's office in Varna, along with one manager of the company owner of the daycare.
Um Radwan was interrogated for two hours on and released with a summons to appear for further interrogation.