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Synonyms for interrogate

Synonyms for interrogate

to question thoroughly and relentlessly to verify facts

Synonyms for interrogate

transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

pose a series of questions to


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Sandhya, interrogated her at Dileep's ancestral house in Aluva yesterday.
They also ransacked a number of homes and interrogated their owners during raids into Hebron city and nearby Idna.
Shahzad Mullah was being interrogated about Sabri's murder along with the target killing incidents in the city.
Police spokesman Amir Waheed said here on Saturday that police along with elite force checked hotels, hostels, restaurants and other residential buildings and interrogated 81 persons besides verifying identification of 74 others through a biometric system.
Six of the accused, who are in the prison in Shutka, were Tuesday interrogated by the prosecutor engaged for the case but they decided to keep silent and Prosecution didn't present them with the evidence it has against them, which is a breach of procedure", stressed lawyer Naser Raufi.
Authorities have interrogated 12 employees of the central bank of Bulgaria in relation to the near-failure of CCB.
BEIRUT: No members of the media may be interrogated or detained before the National Media Council is notified, the country's justice minister has ordered.
They have all been interrogated by the prosecutor's office in Varna, along with one manager of the company owner of the daycare.
Um Radwan was interrogated for two hours on and released with a summons to appear for further interrogation.
Two female members of Saradha Group were also interrogated.
The Egyptian embassy in Libya contacted the Public Prosecutor in Libya to follow up on the Egyptian Copts being interrogated in Libya.
Three former state officials and director general of Tbilisi power distribution company Telasi JSC are interrogated on
The police interrogated the men before transferring them to the Public Prosecution.
A suspect in connection with the double murder has been arrested and is being interrogated, crime branch police chief, Col.
Our applications have been allowed by the court and these six persons will be interrogated from July 27 to July 29," Mr.