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mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness

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The interrelation of the four elements: creativity, risk-taking, innovation, and intuition are the evident dynamics of a changing social environment.
The final two essays trace the interrelations of the personal and political in the representation of self and others.
It is based on the Greek legend of Andromache but differs from it in several details of interrelation between the characters.
The volume contributes to theoretical debates on gender, migration and citizenship and provides new insights into their interrelation.
Cluster model interrelation with modern physical concepts.
Play and Grief," for example, established a nexus between an agonized expressionism and a clever freedom with materials; "Cryptic and Committed" showed the interrelation of two facets of conceptualism--political activism and an exploration of the enigmas of representation; and "Touch and Gaze" traced the eruption of the corporeal into the optical traditions of visual art.
Turner is acutely sensitive to the materials of drawings and authoritatively discusses Barocci's materials and their interrelation, for example, the relation of head studies and the cartoon, from which they are incised.
Also taking on a broad chronology, James probes the dynamic interrelation between sesotho (Sotho ways) and sekgowa (white ways) among northern Sotho- and Pedi-speaking communities of the northern Transvaal, South Africa.
For this collection, Russian legal sociologist Petrazycki (1867-1931) compiled previous material that explored the interrelation between positive law and intuitive law, a major concern of other Eastern European pioneers as well.
Some chapter topics addressed include concentrations and properties of quasi- particles, heat capacity and radiation of matter, a new approach to the theory of light refraction, and the interrelation between mesoscopic and macroscopic parameters of matter.
Kaplan, on the other hand, constantly reminding the reader of the interrelation between philosophical, economic, and historical forces and representation, places the historical spectator integrally within the ideological agenda as s/he whose positioning is formed and informs the master narrative in which s/he is constructed.
One beam measures the other through an interrelation mediated by the substance of the fiber.
Companies can then utilize these BI solutions in order to gain unprecedented insight and understanding of the interrelation of customer behavior and give the clearest possible picture of customer buying patterns.
Heneghan explores the interrelation of fashion, gender, and modernity and the involvement of fashion in the formation of modern Spain through the perspectives of three nineteenth-century Spanish writers.
The workshop covered all aspects of the interrelation of stresses and diffusion phenomena in solid bulk, thin film and multiplayer materials and also at surfaces and interfaces.