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reciprocally connected

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An ACE Center must support major multidisciplinary research programs, consisting of interdependent and interrelated subprojects.
00), providing a combined reprint of two previously interrelated novels Dark Piper and Dread Companion, about a girl who faces her charge's seemingly imaginary but all-too-real invisible companion, Travis S.
With medical writer Braun, the authors approach their objective from the emerging perspective that anxiety and depression are interrelated.
He will also promote the interrelated endeavors of patient care, education, and research, provide overall direction for the hospital's care management programs and provide direction and assistance to clinical departments and hospital administrators in evaluating and implementing new clinical programs or changes to existing programs.
Channer combines the emotionally titillating eroticism of his first book, Waiting in Vain, with the psychic depth of his second, Satisfy My SouL In a cycle of seven interrelated short stories, he outlines the interconnected lives of characters who pass through the fictitious Caribbean island of San Carlos.
In these experiments, the researchers tested the interrelated impacts that fiber size, fiber quality, and the quality, quantity, and type of fines have on the structure and print performance of sheets equivalent to newsprint.
8-million-acre park's ecosystem (community of interrelated plants, animals, and microorganisms), says a new study by scientists in California and Wyoming.
The right to use borrowed money is interrelated with the corresponding interest cost of that right, in much the same way that the right to use property is interrelated with its corresponding rental cost.
can be retrieved instantaneously and interrelated in the database.
is an interrelated system of marshes, bays, grasslands, and forests.
The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) presents Use and Management of Criminal History Record Information: A Comprehensive Report, 2001 Update, which discusses in nontechnical terms the complex, interrelated network of local, state, and federal information systems that provide criminal history records to both criminal justice and noncriminal justice users.
From an EU-policy perspective, the activities related to network and information security are interrelated with the legal framework for telecommunications, data protection, and cyber crime.
Using survey research and ethnographic interviews, the author shows that the subjective notions of social responsibility in the domains of work, family and community are interrelated and that patterns exist related to demographic characteristics.
7 The interrelated challenges of the global economy require an integrated response of the international system.