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Synonyms for interracial

between races

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involving or composed of different races


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Interracial sexual relationships went beyond the over-flogged perspectives of coercion.
So, to borrow the title of an under-appreciated interracial romcom from 2006, this, surely, is Something New?
Sunday was Father's Day, but it also marked Eugene's delayed celebration of Loving Day, the anniversary of a Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage.
Their marriage in 1842 forms the central story, allowing Pernille Ipsen to trace back interracial marriages between Ga-speaking women and Danish traders and merchants for 150 years before the Carstensens.
Where the evidence is available she reconstructs biographies or biographical profiles of interracial couples and their families as a micro-level study.
Back in 1950, when the idea of interracial marriage surfaced, only 0.
Continue reading "'Loving' and the Jewish Lawyer Who Helped End State Bans on Interracial Marriage" at.
Britain's biggest adoption and fostering charity, Tact, said it had examples of interracial fostering working well.
Students' rates of interracial dating, arguably the most personal type of interpersonal interaction possible, deserves further attention.
In the context of this view, the hypothetical, spectral interracial children in both Harlem Duet and Othello become what Kathryn Bond Stockton calls "queer children" (16)--even in their absence, their force is always disruptive to the heteronormative and racialized communities they threaten to inhabit.
Erin Royston Battat, Ain't Got No Home: America's Great Migrations and the Making of An Interracial Left (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2014)
Bridges of Reform: Interracial Civil Rights Activism in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles.
Hoping for assimilation in multi-ethnic China and to curtail protests and unrest, Chinese officials have started paying cash bonuses for interracial marriages, reports Jamil Anderlini for Financial Times - an annual payment of $1600, or the 135 percent of average annual rural incomes, for up to five years.
Even in a nation with a biracial president, where interracial marriage is more accepted and common than ever, Bill de Blasio's marriage to Chirlane McCray is remarkable: He is apparently the first white politician in U.
Social psychological research suggests that because of concerns about being perceived in stereotypical ways, people may experience negative affect and diminished attention and cognitive capacity during interracial interactions.