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(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time

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Twelve night sky interpretive program participants chose not to specify their sex.
Research suggests that interpretive programs designed to increase public understanding and appreciation of important environmental issues can provide critical support for management actions in protected areas (Bright, Fishbein, Manfredo, & Bath, 1993; Marion & Rogers, 1994; Powell & Ham, 2008).
Let me use an example of an evaluation of an interpretive program, focused on reducing littering in parks by school children, to illustrate how to judge whether an evaluation is well designed.
There was clear evidence that subjects were exposed to an interpretive program
Many researchers studying free-choice learning have recognized that interpretive program design has significant implications for the learner (Frauman & Norman, 2004; Moscardo, 1996; Loomis, 1996; Prentice et al.
March 18 including free tea dances, interpretive programs, and live vintage music.
In the survey instrument, the questions were asked verbally and focused on revealing any constraint that may be associated with the type of interpretive program.
Marshall Unit Award was presented to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park for exceptional teamwork and cooperation during the park's commemorative anniversary events, and $2,500 will be donated by EN to the park's interpretive program.
Are you considering developing an interpretive program about climate change, but nervous about the controversy it might stir up?
One area of particular interest is the ability of a single interpretive program to convey more than one management goal to its audience.
In the absence of a truckload of money, we would use the resources we had and enrich the interpretive program.
In national parks that focus primarily on the preservation and interpretation of natural resources, an average of about 12 percent of visitors may attend a live interpretive program on a given visit.
Interpretive Program Wildlife of the watershed, come and learn about the different varieties of wildlife that inhabit the forests and fields of the Wachusett Watershed.
Board a heated, high-speed catamaran and travel to amazing tidewater glaciers as you enjoy a National Park Service ranger-led interpretive program about wildlife and history.
Though she's chosen bits from Fosse and is planning a tango for an upcoming interpretive program, she feels most comfortable with classicism.
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