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a form of modern dance in which the dancer's movements depict an emotion or tell a story

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In The OA , a group of misfit schoolkids find commonality and defeat wrongdoing through the medium of interpretive dance.
They could tell me all about their interpretive dance, and their homeland, and I could tell them I don't really like interpretive dance but I do admire it.
People don't play the kazoo, or do an interpretive dance, or complete a sudoku in memory of the fallen, at some point depending on when it's convenient.
The story is presented in a daring and highly avant-garde fashion, almost to the level of experimental theatre, unfolding through an intentional and uncomfortable hodge-podge of dream sequences, interpretive dance and flashbacks.
Alan Pardew using interpretive dance to tell his team to play with a smile.
Premiering on Wednesday night in New York City, Soreff's interpretive dance performance HineniHebrew for 'here I am'combines biblical stories with modern examples of struggle.
In shaping her own understanding of cultural heritage in her interpretive dance, she uses stories, images, and history of her living culture.
Will next year's Skater of the Year contenders have to secretly study interpretive dance in order to stand any sort of chance?
Nixon said he had been spoken to by a Cricket Australia official during the two-day tour match for his irreverence, including after once saying players doing pre-match stretching were practising their interpretive dance moves, the report added.
Writer-director Christopher Payne lets parts of this film play out as interpretive dance.
Gerwig appears to break up with her boyfriend, then expresses the emotions she's feeling in an interpretive dance.
Here, the world of underground dreams will unfold in a multimedia multisensory experience; combining live music, interpretive dance & interactive video.
It was like doing modern interpretive dance with Martha Graham [the American choreographer and dancer who has been compared with the influence Picasso had on music].
The protesters formed a semi circle and began doing a kind of interpretive dance that, I think, represented how Palestinians are trapped in their territories, unable to build meaningful lives.