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an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious

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Collectively, the articles present a critical exploration of how research methods that have been traditionally used in interpreting studies can be adapted to analyze the reality of professional practice in the 21st century.
Provide Consecutive Mode interpreting for services provided over the telephone.
In 2014, InDemand Interpreting provided 4,216 minutes of interpretation in more than 30 languages to clinic participants.
The foundation of VRI is that it combines high quality face-to-face interpreting with the affordability of on-demand interpreting, allowing its users to get interpreters for patients 24/7.
Interpreting the Prehistoric Submit queries by December 10, 2013
Simultaneous interpreting allows people to understand what someone is saying as they speak.
Students were instructed to find another class member, and to go round the table as a pair, interpreting a painting for each other in turn.
For research analysts, interpreting data sometimes resembles an artisan's touch rather than the clear methodology of numbers.
Interpreting tax provisions can be difficult, particularly those a practitioner has never encountered before.
When interpreting art we need to ask: Is the artifact more naturalistic or more abstract?
In addition, other important teaching objectives can also be emphasized, such as how to interpret scatterplots and correlation, evaluating the tenability of assumptions, writing null and alternative hypotheses associated with hypothesis tests, and reporting and interpreting confidence intervals and p-values.
The last section includes five papers focused on transport processes in rocks and their role in interpreting geochronological data.
Although, as Martin (2000: 207) says, community interpreting may be described as the oldest among interpreting activities, it has largely been regarded as a lower status undertaking within the profession, i.
Perry Professor of Bible and Chairman of the Department of Christian Studies, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee), The Holman Guide To Interpreting The Bible sets forth the basics of interpreting, applying, and communication the Word of God in teaching and preaching.
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