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Synonyms for interpreter



Synonyms for interpreter

someone who mediates between speakers of different languages

someone who uses art to represent something

(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time

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The nearest interpreter agency was based in Carlisle but recently closed and most alternatives are based in the central belt.
Kelli Sanchez, of Louisville, is a staff interpreter and statewide ASL liaison for the Kentucky Court of Justice.
Interpreters are increasingly required to be involved in: (i) video conference interpreting (VCI), where there are two locations and the interpreter is in either one; or (ii) remote interpreting (RI), where all participants are together in one location and the interpreter is in a separate, remote location.
One commenter identified the woman as Holly Maniatty, a certified sign language interpreter.
This suggests that the physical presence of the interpreter with the client and provider is important.
In all other cases, the attorney must provide the interpreter using the same standards the courts follow when they hire interpreters, seeking out, in order of preference, certified, language skilled, or provisionally approved interpreters.
We don't work in the school district for the money; we do it for the kids," said Samantha Eilert, a fourth-year sign interpreter with the district.
The program offered at the school's Highland Lakes campus in Waterford Township is one of one five sign language interpreter degree programs in Michigan and the first to be accredited.
6 percent in the total number of documented interpretations at UMass Memorial, and the interpreter workforce increased by 73.
Evaluating emotional stability as a predictor of interpreter competence and aptitude for interpreting.
We examined case reports, some of which were included in papers on interpreter guidelines.
The loss of travel expenses will simply guarantee that no interpreter will travel more than a mile or two.
1) The most personable, accurate, and effective option is an IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE INTERPRETER.
Discussing the issue of Muslim interpreters in French colonial Africa, Tamba M'bayo follows in the footsteps of a new generation of social scientists such as Benjamin Lawrence, who believe that by placing African interpreters in a central position, the world of academia can generate more positive understandings of them and their roles.
ACD provides sign language interpreters to companies and institutions which interact with members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.