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understood in a certain way


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Huling Gabi' (from the movie Last Night) - composed and arranged by Jose Quest Villanueva, III, interpreted by Moira Dela Torre
preface their interest in authentic audio-visual material from courtrooms, with an observation made by others that "carefully chosen questions are often not interpreted accurately in court.
While Hermann Gunkel saw aesthetic value in the story, Immanuel Kant interpreted it negatively, i.
In making its case, the OLC made several points: the term "militia" at the time of the Founding was "the entire population of able-bodied male citizens"; a preface to an amendment, of which this wording is an example, cannot logically be interpreted to take away the right that is protected by the Amendment; and the Second Amendment was meant to secure people in their right to possess guns for individual self-defense.
It remains to be seen how the definition articulated therein will be interpreted by the IRS on a prospective basis.
Most major medical centers, health care providers, and many individual physicians now dictate directly to their computers, or to computer connected handheld recorders or telephone systems where their dictation is interpreted into text.
The CTPSS system briefly outlined here has enormous potential for revolutionizing how low to medium contact pressure information is both captured and interpreted.
Society might benefit from oxygen tanks in homes, but that does not mean that homeowners policies must be interpreted to cover the cost of oxygen tanks.
The "Songs of the Year Award" was presented to Entra En Mi Vida (composed by Nahuel Schajris and interpreted by the group Sin Bandera) and Y Tu Te Vas (composed by Franco De Vitas and interpreted by Chayanne).
One way around that is to designate a specific gesture as a cue that tells the system that the motions to follow are to be interpreted as commands.
His archeological discovery forever revolutionized the way in which Neandertal social behavior and complexity is now interpreted.
This combination enables her to interpret her texts in order to describe how curious individuals were interpreted.
The convicted administrator interpreted guidelines one way, state authorities interpreted them another, and the courts interpreted them yet a third way.
While these examples contribute to an emerging picture of instructional decision-making, they cannot be interpreted as a complete or defining picture of this notion.
As several authors appreciatively note, Taylor calls for serious consideration of the institutional contexts in which Ovid was likely to have been interpreted by Shakespeare's contemporaries in their schooldays and beyond.
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