interpretative dance

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a form of modern dance in which the dancer's movements depict an emotion or tell a story

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Ziegler also appeared on Sia's "Chandelier" music video, wherein she did a solo interpretative dance in the same outfit she wore for "Elastic Heart.
If you're going to have Theron dancing on stage, how about an interpretative dance of "Prometheus?
She will give me spontaneous interpretative dance performances and fashion throwaway lines of conversation into entire songs.
lt;p>Snover joked that programming is getting so abstract, developers will soon have to use Microsoft's in-air motion sensor game controller for the Xbox, dubbed Project Natal, to "write programs through interpretative dance.
Themed around water, Antagon Theatre discovers the past of the European continent and its countries through music, interpretative dance, stilt work and acrobatics.
But, I still dance wherever I am and the last couple of years, I've done spiritual interpretative dance, which has a different bent.
a Vanilla Ice interpretative dance, a ``Who's On First'' parody and ``The Sorcerer's Ring (Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings).
The provincial government through the provincial council on disability affairs will conduct flower arrangement, basket making, singing competition and interpretative dance competition in the province of Quezon as part of the NDRP week celebration, Rada added.
Themed around water, Antagon Theatre discovers the past of the European continent and its countries, through music, interpretative dance, stilt-work and acrobatics.
The program includes interpretative dance, original songs, performance art, dramatic monologues and Gabe Bradley's film, "All's Welles That Ends Welles.
Then GNA member Debbie Davis led us all in the hula and other island interpretative dances (with grass skirts and hula hoops of course).
So far, the series has offered up plenty of superb moments, but in terms of raw laughter, David Armand's interpretative dances are genuinely superb.
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