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Synonyms for interpretable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Synonyms for interpretable

capable of being understood


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Interpretable models are ML techniques that learn more structured, interpretable, or causal models.
Since performed activities on available social tools are represented by a fairly large number of features we investigate the possibility of downsizing dimensionality while obtaining new reduced interpretable features that provide a very intuitive numerical interpretation.
In generative models, if we can learn interpretable representations with methods of unsupervised learning, it can be useful for generating new data.
The deepest and least interpretable model was the STRT model which was used to predict RLCC for the low infestation level (size = 71 nodes).
As EASL guidelines underline, the test needs to be reliable and interpretable. Reliability is certainly an issue, and only accredited laboratories with sufficient expertise both on technical issues on DNA sequencing and HCV RAS interpretation should provide results.
Starting from a clinical MRI scan, icobrain provides an easily interpretable report to clinicians, including population graphs and statistics that can be used to objectively track the disease progression of individual patients.
If the artist elides reference to interpretable content, the writer follows the cue and finds a parallel form of textual rendering: an interstitial entry into the structure of the artwork; micro "descriptions" with an authorial hand.
It has become the most valuable technology for clinical microbiology diagnosis in recent years.[sup][5] It should be noted that what should be paid attention to that interpretable experimental data of LAMP for sputum must combine with Gram's stain in clinical, otherwise, it probably mislead the doctor.
This is a very challenging situation for forecasters and some type of guidance is necessary to organise the real-time data and information from multiple sources into easily usable and interpretable products, which are amenable to operational modification in a timely manner," he said.
Rhythms are clearly notated and easily interpretable.
As in all of Zucker's figures, the facial expression and bodily posture are precisely realistic and less than readily interpretable.
IntegraGen is a company specialised in deciphering the human genome, and produces relevant and easily interpretable data for academic and private laboratories.
With a dock for the Radical-7(R) handheld monitor, an instantly interpretable display, and multiple networking/connectivity options, Root integrates multiple streams of data on an easy-to-read, touch-screen.
is a pathway to employment in the US., effectively lowering search costs, increasing networking opportunities, and providing a more easily interpretable skill set." They further note that "U.S.
One of the greatest things about Sally is that she's so infinitely interpretable. You know, Liza Minnelli's version was so astronomically different than Judi Dench's version, which was so different from Natasha Richardson and so on.