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Synonyms for interpretable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Synonyms for interpretable

capable of being understood


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Sabiendo que al fin todo es interpretacion e interpretable, incluida la disposicion de objetos y dibujos que --en apariencia, aleatoriamente--se forman en superficies, el autor realiza un recuento de la historia de la adivinacion, es decir, un recuento --con lo que sabemos--del modo en que los antiguos leian el mundo.
This way, valued features in Chomsky (2001) are taken to be interpretable features and, similarly, unvalued features are analysed as being intrinsically uninterpretable features.
by merely tidying up the land or running a pipe across it, should not be interpretable as in active use.
I would recommend a Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach that allows one to use simple, easily interpretable estimates of the relevant parameters [4].
It helps readers to develop skills that allow them to generate interpretable readings of new or unusual words.
The design spells out strategies the researcher adopts to gather accurate, objective, and interpretable information (Polit & Beck, 2007).
Regression-based approaches using continuous real-time mobile measurements may be able to characterize spatio temporal variability in traffic-related pollutant concentrations, but require methods to incorporate temporally varying meteorology and source strength in a physically interpretable fashion.
The average age of the women was 25 years, and each had at least two interpretable ultrasounds.
The Mundrabilla Fault is readily interpretable as a sinistral transpressional fault formed during Proterozoic north-west directed Australia-wide compression.
Avoid "double-barrel" items as they are not interpretable.
This is a very interpretable concept [article 278], I deny that Karam assisted the Israelis and that there is evidence proving otherwise," Salameh said.
Through self-reflection and uncomplicated, interesting travel narrative, Traveling Blind offers readers a kind of guidance not unlike a dog might; soft yet firm, specific yet interpretable, and most evidently, fueled by love.
The desire for a easily interpretable story line ("Public divided on health care reform") and the interviewing cost constraints ("we can only afford a few questions") creates a shaky data base for potentially meaty conclusions.
Of 137 broiler, broiler meat, feed and human isolates, 110 (80%) yielded interpretable, reproducible PFGE patterns.