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surgical reconstruction or replacement of a malformed or degenerated joint

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Treatment of the mobile, painful arthritic elbow by distraction interposition arthroplasty.
Tendon interposition arthroplasty for degenerative arthritis of the trapeziometacarpal joint of the thumb.
Early failures with a spheric interposition arthroplasty of the thumb basal joint.
Additional techniques include Barron and Eaton's double interposition arthroplasty (42) as well as King and Eglseder's ECRB Tendinoplasty.
Save the trapezium: Double interposition arthroplasty for treatment of stage IV disease of the basal joint.
Viable surgical options include: synovectomy, intercarpal fusion, interposition arthroplasty, silicone spacers, joint arthroplasty, and arthrodesis.
16) In a five-year follow-up of 13 patients with painful mobile arthritic elbows treated by distraction interposition arthroplasty using fascia lata, Cheng and Morrey observed a 31% revision rate to total elbow arthroplasty at a mean of 30 months; this suggests that the long-term durability of distraction interpositional arthroplasty in younger, active patients is poor.
Twelve of 14 patients treated with one of the three types of anconeus interposition arthroplasty had satisfactory subjective results at a minimum follow-up of two years.
Interposition arthroplasty has been used with some success in other joints.