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Synonyms for interposition

the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts

the act or fact of interposing one thing between or among others

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Perhaps, too, I know that no interposition of yours would be of any avail.
The footsteps of the sentinel echoed monotonously as he paced its stone pavement to and fro (reminding Barnaby of the watch he had so lately kept himself); and as he passed and repassed the door, he made the cell for an instant so black by the interposition of his body, that his going away again seemed like the appearance of a new ray of light, and was quite a circumstance to look for.
By some good agency,--possibly, by the unrecognized interposition of the long-buried Alice herself,--the threatening calamity was averted.
Individuals of wiser faith, indeed, who knew that Heaven promotes its purposes without aiming at the stage-effect of what is called miraculous interposition, were inclined to see a providential hand in Roger Chillingworth's so opportune arrival.
Ulno-basilic interposition graft with saphenous vein was put for one case.
Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of colon or Chilaiditi syndrome.
Six patients received graft interpositions, six patients received patch closures, and one patient received a stent-graft insertion (one patient received a graft interposition and a patch closure for treatment of a double abdominal aortic aneurysms).
Mikdad, in an interposition during an open meeting along with Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Turjman at al-Assad Library, added that Syria will remain a united, one country, saying "We are not only calling for Syria's unity, but the unity of the Arab nation.
Security Council Resolution 1701, which resulted in the increased deployment of UNIFIL interposition forces.
In this study, the hydroxyapatite prosthesis, used for repair of the incus defect, was compared with the incus interposition.
Chilaiditi's sign is the anatomical description of the interposition of the colon between the liver and the diaphragm.
Through three stages (before interposition, immediately after interposition, and two month after interposition) these groups were evaluated.
many international feats to his credit, he is also the inventor of the minimally invasive surgery for ileal interposition called HybA[degrees] rid Technique.
These F100 series mounting dampers allow the interposition of rubber spring elements configured as flexible mounting blocks.
Keywords: Interposition flap, Ureteric reimplantation Urinary leakage, Vesicovaginal fistula.