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Synonyms for interpose

Synonyms for interpose

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

Synonyms for interpose


Related Words

to insert between other elements

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

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In Hope Leslie, Sedgwick explores a range of just such individual petitions, by both male and female protagonists, that likewise had natural rights arguments at their core, and she makes the petitions of her female characters central to the novel, demonstrating how women could use the petition to interpose politically alongside their male counterparts' slightly less humble interpositions.
"InteliData's outsourced Interpose product suite affords Hancock the flexibility, reliability and scalability they require to provide an unparalleled interactive bill payment offering to their customers," said Al Dominick president and CEO of InteliData.
"I think Madam Marcos should interpose the ground of humanitarian considerations due to her advance age and frail health to avoid imprisonment," Batocabe said.
We elected to incise the scar and interpose a graft as a spacer to expand the nostril opening.
Perhaps the North American branch could interpose itself between Nicaragua and Administration hawks, who have been shouting themselves hoarse about the sins of the Sandinistas.
Mr Clinton's personal lawyer, David Kendall, said in a letter to the House Government Reform Committee that the former President 'will interpose no executive privilege objections to the testimony of his former staff concerning these pardons, or to other pardons and commutations he granted.'
Letter Ruling (TAM) 9518002, in which a taxpayer attempted to interpose a third party and use option agreements to transfer stock out of his estate but still retain voting control, was (not surprisingly) decided against the taxpayer.
REBNY Lease form [paragraph] 26 states that: "It is further mutually agreed that in the event Owner commences any summary proceeding for possession of the premises, Tenant will not interpose any counterclaim of whatever nature or description in any such proceeding."
Accompanying verbal narratives--audiotapes, played in the exhibition space, of Weems reading the words of her mother, grandmothers, and cousins, along with her own interpretative comments--make use of the associative ramblings and colloquialisms of direct speech and interpose a female viewpoint into the narration.
The shareholder would have no opportunity to interpose this defense if the proprietary lease could be terminated by the co-op simply by notice.
tax perspective, combined with the ability of foreign investors to interpose treaty country corporations into their corporate organizational structure, has given rise and continues to give rise to considerable conflict between the U.S.