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Synonyms for interpolate

Synonyms for interpolate

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

Synonyms for interpolate

insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby


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In conclusion, we can see that the 8J-OBMC can interpolate the target block while correcting the incorrect motion vector.
We wish to prove that the space F of the first 4k - 1 harmonic polynomials interpolate the values of the function and all of its partial derivatives at an arbitrary k points.
We wish to interpolate the photometer response with a four point Lagrangian function to data on a 5 nm interval.
This integrated sine-to-digital converter interpolates analog sine/cosine signals from magnetic and optical sensors with a freely selectable resolution of up to 8 bit.
The DB-28104 accepts quadrature signals from standard sinusoidal encoders and interpolates the signals to achieve a high resolution.
The residential program also interpolates among residential styles, quality levels and square footages and allows users to develop detailed cost reports including hillside, seismic, wind and story-height cost adjustments.
The streamlined anodized aluminum extrusion houses the sensing element and electronics, while the magnet slide moves over the sensing element that interpolates the position and converts it to a readable output.
Complex working paths (including 3D machining) can be accomplished with the MTX Control, which reads and interpolates 2,000 numerical sets per second.
But simply by contrasting these motifs with the seriousness of the art discourse into which she interpolates them, van der Stokker seems to denounce art's detachment from the quotidian reality of ordinary people.