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reciprocal action and reaction

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He cannot comprehend another's infinity; he is conscious only of his own--flying sunbeam, falling rose, pebble that asks for one quiet plunge below the fretting interplay of space and time.
A strange persuasion came upon me, that, save for the grossness of the line, the grotesqueness of the forms, I had here before me the whole balance of human life in miniature, the whole interplay of instinct, reason, and fate in its simplest form.
The interplay of ideas and the oblique uses of knowledge are often of extraordinary interest.
Rock N Roll Wisdom: What Psychologically Astute Lyrics Teach About Life and Love considers rock and roll lyrics and their influences from and unusual vantage point: that of a psychologist who considers the interplays between lyrics and society.
Pierre Thomas Karkau's COLOROTIC (3937718311) provides a colorful set of erotic shots with more interplays between male and female subjects.