interplanetary space

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the part of outer space within the solar system

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A blistering multimillion-degree plasma of shattered atoms, the corona is a dynamic environment, often disturbed by explosions that rock its very structure and throw material into interplanetary space. These explosions cause storms within the solar wind, a stream of electrons, protons, and partially ionized atoms that ceaselessly emanates from deep within the corona and courses beyond the farthest planets in our solar system.
Although the book is limited to shots of the solar system, taken by the robotic spacecraft that humankind has scattered across interplanetary space over the past four decades, every photo was indeed stunning.
Unseen, it passed just 78,000 kilometers (six Earth diameters) from our planet's surface before barreling back into interplanetary space. Judging by its faintness--18th magnitude when first picked up the next day--it can't be any larger than 3 to 6 meters across.
London, Feb 4 (ANI): Demonstrations have finally confirmed that radiation from sunlight can power spacecraft through interplanetary space.
Second are galactic cosmic rays, which consist of high-energy atomic nuclei and stream constantly through interplanetary space. While not immediately lethal, they present a long-term health hazard: the damage they cause to DNA increases an astronaut's risk of cancer.
"8 minutes and 20 seconds later, we plunge into depths of cold and we have nothing to orbit anymore and we fly off at a tangent into interplanetary space," Tyson said.
ENPNewswire-August 19, 2019--NASA Selects Proposals to Demonstrate SmallSat Technologies to Study Interplanetary Space
Magellan's voyage was a turning point in history, as unique as the first manned journey into outer space and the later moon landings, said NASA scientist Alan Stern, leader of its New Horizons interplanetary space probe.
Earth's magnetic field protects spacecraft in low Earth orbit, like the ISS, from the heavy radiation out in interplanetary space. But spacecraft going to the Moon or Mars would be exposed.
Its charged particles respond to the magnetic field by twisting into loops, bands, and even erupting into interplanetary space. Solar physicists led by Zoran Mikic (Predictive Science) report August 27th in Nature Astronomy that they can accurately predict the appearance of the corona one week in advance--an important milestone on the path to predicting the oncoming solar wind.
Researchers hope to use the instrument to study the particles that are accelerated in the Solar corona, as well as the particles that are accelerated in interplanetary space. By the time these high energy particles reach the Earth, they cannot really be differentiated.
DEAR BepiColombo, You interplanetary space sleuth, We're really going to miss you, Now that you've roared off, For Mercury via Venus, To uncover the truth, Behind its strange make-up, And its primordial roots, You're a space bloodhound, Bepi, Following a heavenly scent trail, Using probes and laser beams, To unravel the Inner Planet's Mercurial tale.
We also know that our sun is constantly sending out a steady stream of charged particles (known as solar wind) into interplanetary space with speeds of a million miles per hour or 400 kilometers per second.