interplanetary space

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the part of outer space within the solar system

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During the environmental testing phase at Lockheed Martin's Space Systems facility near Denver, the lander will be exposed to extreme temperatures, vacuum conditions of nearly zero air pressure simulating interplanetary space, and a battery of other tests over the next seven months.
It follows the crew of Interplanetary Space Flight 9 as they crashland on a planet and meet mad scientist Dr Prospero (Jonathan Markwood) and his daughter Miranda (Sarah Scowen).
CMEs comprise enormous plasma and magnetic field structures that are ejected from the Sun and propagate at what can be immense speeds through interplanetary space, while CIRs are characterised by extensive swathes of compressed plasma/magnetic field that form along flow discontinuities of solar origin that permeate the inner heliosphere.
The researchers said that these neutrons form an exosphere above the corona that decay to a large swarm of equally energetic protons that in turn, expand along the magnetic field that is carried by the expanding solar atmosphere into interplanetary space.
The idea is to give astronauts menu choices in the shapes and flavors of the food they want on future interplanetary space travel missions.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Solar storms -- powerful eruptions of solar material and magnetic fields into interplanetary space -- can cause what is known as "space weather" near Earth, resulting in hazards that range from interference with communications systems and GPS errors to extensive power blackouts and the complete failure of critical satellites.
Unless, they add, there is a now unforeseen breakthrough in launching giant loads into orbit or propelling such loads through interplanetary space.
The 97 papers here explore such areas as the solar interior and dynamo, the transition region and corona, flares and magnetic helicity, the three-dimensional structure of the outer atmosphere, solar wind and the interplanetary space, and possible anomaly in the current solar cycle.
Depending on the direction in which it is thrown, a mass ejection may be on a collision course with the Earth as it moves through interplanetary space.
The forum's topics range from hospitality and manufacturing to real estate and interplanetary space exploration.
George Frederic Handel's epic 1724 tale of war, love, seduction and vengeance finds new life as an interplanetary space opera.
14am on Wednesday, throwing off a huge cloud of magnetised plasma from the Sun's atmosphere - the corona - into interplanetary space.
The Surrey Space Centre, together with SSTL, aims to 'change the economics of space' taking advantage of terrestrial commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components where appropriate to achieve rapid-response, low-cost, highly capable small space missions in Earth orbit and interplanetary space.
Captain Dan Dare, of the Interplanetary Space Fleet, was created by Frank and his team of artists in Church town.
When he woke up, he thought he was at the gate but he was in the gully,'' said Fred Tomey, a supervisor on the Cassini interplanetary space probe team.