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Synonyms for interpenetration

the action of penetrating between or among

mutual penetration


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2]); (3) in Figure 3, A represents the initial point and the initial interpenetration displacement is [[delta].
Nevertheless, any senior student or scholar concerned with the interpenetration of vernacular and classical humanist culture should read this book, as it provides the evidence necessary to prove the subtle and complex vision with which art was viewed, used and experienced in Renaissance Italy.
The predicaments of contemporary societies can be resolved through combining greater clarity about the dynamics of global interdependence and interpenetration with new and encompassing patterns of commitment.
All articles in this issue--in Arabic, English, and French--cover the interpenetration of documented reality by imaginative representation in literature, history, and art, in poetry, fiction, cinema, and politics.
The streets scenes that follow--whether the angular Jesuits II, 1913, or the near abstraction of Trumpeters, 1 9 12--revise space into cleaner lineaments, even as they insist upon an interpenetration of bodies and their environment, whether structures or more metaphysical surroundings.
Imagine so vast a potential interpenetration of being(s).
the 4th-century trinitarian theologian and archbishop of Constantinople, the concept of perichoresis holds that the three elements of the triune godhead are not isolated from each other but exist in a state of mutual interpenetration.
Interpenetration length is the average thickness that chains from one side of the interface achieve to invade the other side.
In the wake of Claude Welch's pioneering work, Collins points out that his study must address three Trinitarian matters: first, the relation of the immanent to the economic Trinity, particularly as the revelation of God through Christ and the Spirit in history and salvation; second, the co-eternity and co-equality of the three hypostases; and finally, the internal relations in the generation of the Son and the procession of the Spirit, particularly with respect to the perichoresis or interpenetration of the three persons in their singular agencies.
Yeo explores their interpenetration in careful exegesis of the classical sources themselves against the background of their time and culture.
Nowadays, the interpenetration of these two sectors and the products they sell is very broad.
His conception of littoral society, the notion of permeability as the defining characteristic of the littoral zone, and the interpenetration of sea and land underlie the argumentation of the rest of the papers of the volume.
Last month, at Chennai airport, I picked up a book, John Carlin's Playing the Enemy , which deals with the interpenetration of sport and politics in modern South Africa.
And the interpenetration of inner and outer worlds is accomplished to an extent that is rare in fiction, let alone in non-fiction.
According to Clarke, the distinction between narration and focalization reflects the interpenetration of social and psychic systems, and "maintaining that distinction .