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penetrate mutually or be interlocked

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Consequently, the homogeneous interpenetrating networks can eventually be obtained by achieving a forced compatibilization of both the polymers.
Interpenetrating network thermosets are appealing because of enhanced mechanical and thermal stability.
Liu, "Tribological properties of high temperature self-lubrication metal ceramics with an interpenetrating network," Wear, vol.
One is MIL-53(Al)[24] which is composed of simple rhombic-shaped tunnels, the other is IRMOF-9[25] which has complex interpenetrating structure.
Two, the cone-shaped architecture offers small interpenetrating channels for faster electrolyte access into the electrode which may enhance the rate performance.
An interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) is defined as a blend of two or more polymers in a network with at least one of the systems synthesized in the presence of another [6].
Schwartz resists letting situation overtake his characters, ensuring that the two elements are, as John Gardner argued for, "interpenetrating".
Cosubstituted poly(organophosphazenes) with unsaturated side groups are used to prepare interpenetrating polymer networks with acrylonitrile, styrene, acrylic acid, and methyl methacrylate, using sequential interpenetrating methods.
Yu, "pH sensitivity and ion sensitivity of hydrogels based on complex-forming chitosan/silk fibroin interpenetrating polymer network," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
Less intelligible is his summary dismissal of "European" materials, which flies in the face of much recent scholarship pointing to the interpenetrating, "dialogic" character of cross-cultural reporting and formation of new knowledge in the early colonial period.
Their liturgies orient a way of being a distinctly Christian and African people in the interpenetrating worlds of Scripture, Africa, and New York City, a social embodiment that "diffuses faith" throughout the intersecting traffic of life's dimensions.
The term perichoresis further expresses co-indwelling, co-inhering, and mutually interpenetrating. Each person in the Trinity shares in the life of the other two, yet each has its own distinct manifestation and forms of expression.
And there are a few questionable locutions, e.g., interpenetrating and disfavored.