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penetrate mutually or be interlocked

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The initial increase can be explained by the interpenetrating networking of much tightly crosslinked SR, but a further investigation is necessary to explain the reason for the slight decrease after 16 hr.
Both networks of the sequential interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) were prepared by free radical polymerization using 0.
The PET and SEBS phases appear to form an interpenetrating structure, as found by Traugott.
Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs) are still of great interest given the large number of reviews and monographs (1-5).
Both artists, however, share an obsession with interpenetrating layers of color and textures nurturing fragmented imagery.
Obviously, the thermal diffusion and then the interpenetrating rate of chains would rapidly increase with the increase in temperature.
And where in Pollock's previous work the search for intensity risked generating a picture so replete with internal conflict as to tend toward a kind of stasis, the new paintings, no matter how charged or clotted with pigment, remain so full of movement, of competing and interpenetrating energies, that one is tempted to compare them, no doubt vulgarly, with the impact-studded fields of contemporaneous particle physics.
Though a limited number of new polymers may be developed to fill specific processing and performance niches, suppliers will probably rely more on blending, alloying, and interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) of existing thermosets (sometimes together with thermoplastics) to answer future market demands.
The patent, which issued with 25 claims, is entitled "Bituminous Polyurethane Interpenetrating Elastomeric Network Composition as Coatings and Sealants For Roofing and Other Applications.
Interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) are special kinds of polymer blends that are defined as a mixture of two or more crosslinked polymer networks that have partial or total physical interlocking between them (1).
For instance, SFR-100 resin tends to be incorporated into the polyolefin's base-polymer matrix in a partial crosslinking mechanism believed to yield a structure similar to an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN).
The patent application entitled "Bituminous Polyurethane Interpenetrating Elastomeric Network Composition as Coatings and Sealants For Roofing and Other Applications" covers the formula used in the manufacture of the Company's developing line of RSM products.
polymers interpenetrating one another equally) or unbalanced (i.
Freeman markets its version of this hybrid technology under the same "Interpol" trade name with which it markets its related interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) technology.