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penetrate mutually or be interlocked

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It's a powerful form of prayer that focuses intentions, uniting them with the energy that interpenetrates all things.
Smith (German, UC Irvine) traces a five-hundred year dialogue among (mostly) German theologians and philosophers about faith and reason, but specifically the way that either position interpenetrates the other and assumes some common ground--specifically Logos.
Newman (2002) asserted that "every entity interpenetrates every other entity" (p.
But Blickle skillfully meets the challenge, combining a variety of theoretical perspectives to investigate the ways "the idea of Heimat interpenetrates German notions of modernity, identity, the feminine, nature, nation, landscape, ground (as both a physical and an intellectual concept), and innocence (in childhood, in religion, in language)" (157).
Economics interpenetrates them all, and is reciprocally penetrated by them.