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Not just physical, but also emotional as referred to by interoception.
Neuroimaging and psychophysiological investigation of the link between anxiety, enhanced affective reactivity and interoception in people with joint hypermobility.
Degeneration of these connected areas has been shown to be related to the impairment of emotion recognition and processing [109, 117], social cognition [118], and interoception [119] in bvFTD.
They argue that empirical research on affective touch and interoception can enable us to transcend the limitations of this debate and gain a more accurate view of the minimal self, which they regard as "by necessity co-constituted by other bodies in physical contact and proximal interaction." Dan Zahavi's chapter responds to the critiques of the minimal self advanced by Ratcliffe, as well as Ciaunica and Fotopoulou, by arguing that the minimal self is not, in fact, interpersonally constituted.
Finally, Khalsa and Lapidus (24) propose "interoception" as a viable possibility for translational research linking neural bases, measurable biomarkers and transdiagnostic psychiatric targets.
The study accentuates the necessity and the significance of further research into interoception phenomenon which may contribute to a better understanding of the placebo effect and De Qi psychophysical responses
It has been reported that insula is associated with abnormal interoception and pain processing in patients with depression [55].
Moreover, involuntary processing such as salience detection, interoception, and conflict monitoring and resolution, and involuntary attention is automatic and involves the brain areas, including the bilateral insula cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, ventromedial prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex, inferior frontal gyrus, and inferior parietal lobule [25-28].
The insula, an area of the cerebral cortex that lies deep into the lateral sulcus, receives afferent homeostatic information of "interoception" from internal visceral processes, such as heart rate, digestion, and micturition, and is also called the sensory cortex of the autonomic nervous system [16].
Interoception: the inside story-a model for psychosomatic processes.
Overlapping activity in anterior insula during interoception and emotional experience.