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a segment of a stem between two nodes

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Mean values between medium and low treatments did not differ between any pairs tested for height, number of internodes, number of internodes with branches, and dry mass (Table 1 and 2; P [is greater than] 0.
The woodpecker phylogeny in Moore (1995) was based on an average of only 234 bp of cyt b sequence and was intended to be little more than a preliminary comparison of intraspecific coalescence lengths to internode lengths.
In their studies on growth responses of dipterocarp seedlings Sasaki and Mori (1981) demonstrated increased internode length in seedlings of Shorea ovalis in reduced R:FR.
To her dismay, she discovered that often only one internode per plant possessed the necessary length (72 mm) and thickness (10 to 11.
Lodging resistance in maize has been related to some of its morphological characters, such as plant height, diameter and length of basal internode, thickness of rind and weight of 5 cm basal section, stalk breaking strength, crushing strength, stalk diameter, weight and density as well as rind penetrometer resistance (Zuber, 1973; Abedon et al.
For all of the evaluation dates, the relationship between the shading and length of the major branch and between the shading and internode length were characterized by a linear model (p < 0.
Shoot length, number of roots, number of leaves, and number of internodes were evaluated after 45 days of growth.
1B); while the shortening of the internode zone with the elongation of the internode above the last vegetative leaf leads to the formation of synflorescences with a scape and a tIn (Fig.
dorsalis numbers were slower in developing and their numbers remained lower throughout the season; and as a result, bored internode numbers averaged 13.
Among secondary metabolites determined, the common secondary metabolites present in leaf and internode tissues were Toluene, a-sphinosterol, Tetradecane, Pentadecane, Hexadecane, Octadecane, Hentriactone, and 9,12-Octadecadienoicacid[7,7].
A closer morphological look of Figure 1A projects that the main axis is semicircular at the initiation of any internode, and as it ascends takes a spindle shape which culminates into a node in a semicircular form to restart into a fresh internode (Figure 1B).
The degree of damage for an internode is obtained by comparing it with internodes shown in a pre-designed photograph, in which the healthiest internode was assigned a value of 0, while the most damaged one was assigned a value of 2 for chlorosis and reddening and 3 for needle loss.
Stored reserves and their contribution to grain can be estimated by measuring postanthesis changes in internode dry matter (Hunt, 1979; Pheloung and Siddique, 1991; Borrell et al.
The groups exhibited a wide distribution for the descriptors primary raceme insertion height, mean internode length, number of internodes, number of racemes harvested and fruit dehiscence (Table 2).
After 1980s, however, further shortening the plant height has ceased, but in an attempt to increase grain yield, improvement of culm strength by increasing internode diameter and culm fresh weight has been done.