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a specialist in internal medicine

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Specialists who diagnose a patient with epilepsy, and send a note back to the internists suggesting they start Tegretol.
On an unadjusted basis, the annual care expenditures were $4,682 for those seeing an FP, $6,356 for an internist, and $9,147 for specialist.
While most internists (85 percent) and family physicians (87 Percent) accept Medicare, only 53 Percent of internists and 62 percent of family physicians accept MassHealth.
Their answers differed from those of internists and family physicians when they were asked to consider how they would manage the same hypothetical patient.
Internists, pediatricians, Ob-Gyns and psychiatrists - the primary care front line - have become managed care "gatekeepers," entrusted to absorb many of the responsibilities of the specialist and make fewer specialist referrals as a result.
The four white papers, which all fall under the "Reinventing Managed Care" title, represent more than a year's worth of research and analysis of issues identified by internists as their leading concerns for the dawning health care system.
As an internist, he had nothing to offer the patient beyond negative, perhaps imperfect advice.
The internist examined the man several times over the next 4 years, during which time the man complained periodically of nausea and abdominal pain and the doctor prescribed antacids.
Samuel Fink, a Tarzana internist who is on the board of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, still finds the ability to discount services for needy patients and give them drug samples instead of sending them to the pharmacy.
I am a board-certified internist in southern Oregon and have transitioned into a mostly psychiatric practice due to needs here in our community ("Innovations Extend Reach of Mental Health Care," November 2004, p.
Our publishing company was originally called Pro-Health Publishing Company, and its first publication, the inaugural issue of The Internist, was dated November 1994.
On closer examination, diagnoses of Gulf War syndrome are often replaced by findings of depression, stress reactions, and related disturbances, reports a team led by internist Michael J.
contributing Internist editor and past president of ASIM, traces his experience with the Medicare system from his early days as an internist before Medicare - when most patients over 65 years of age could not pay for hospital care - through the passage and growth of the program.
A 29-YEAR-OLD MAN complained of chronic constipation (3 years) and recent rectal bleeding at his first visit to an internist.
In contrast, patients expect to undress for an internist or family physician, because disrobing for pelvic or rectal exams often is part of their annual physical examinations.