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a person who is interned

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Adding dance was possible, he says, because, "these internees had to find ways of breaking the tension.
Visitors are surrounded by life-size photos of former internees as they imagine the turmoil of being displaced.
Proposing the solution, Zaheer Ahmed, another internee, said, "The internees should undergo a test prior to completion of their placement period for their regularisation.
Many items were obviously made out of necessity, because the horse stalls where the internees first lived contained only a metal cot and mattress ticking to be filled with straw.
Images of severely emaciated internees behind barbed wire the men "were just ill".
A hastily scrawled note stuffed inside read Roll out the barrel, Christmas comes today or tomorrow - the announcement of the coming liberation of the internees.
A small group of young internees, some of them former students at the University of California, Berkeley, published the magazine's three issues, which featured poetry, essays, editorials, short stories, articles, and drawings.
It was found under the floorboards by the first couple to move into a home on the Woolfall Heath estate after the war, after all internees had been released.
A famous photograph of one of the internees shows a severely underweight woman with her hair done in a Victory Roll, holding a bowl of rice and cup of stew to the camera - not her own portion, but rations for ve people.
A certificate and stipend distribution ceremony of successful internees was held at WAPDA House.
Last weekend, the commemorative events related to the 70th anniversary of VJ Day, an immensely moving service, organised jointly by St Mary's Anglican Church and the Belford United Reform Church, attracted a large congregation who heard a series of harrowing but inspiring addresses from individuals based upon the recorded experiences of family members of former POWs and civilian internees.
Six former internees who have reported being tortured by British troops are suing the Ministry of Defence, the Secretary of State, the police, and the estate of the late Brian Faulkner, former Northern Ireland Prime Minister.
Tateishi's powerful closing commentary reminds us, in no uncertain terms, that the injustice of the camps and the psychic wounds of that experience are to this day carried by surviving former internees whose lives were turned upside down as a result of Executive Order 9066--a collective experience that is inexpressible in words and which not even Todd Stewart's haunting photographs can come close to capturing on film.
Cllr Clucas is travelling to Brussels with Nunzia Bertali, the Italian consul for Merseyside, to attend this week's conference about the Birkenheadbuilt Arandora Star, the Blue Star liner, sunk by a Uboat in 1940 with the loss of more than 800 people, including German PoWs and Italian internees.