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a person who is interned

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He informed the gathering that internees have obtained the knowledge and comprehend the proficiency as they worked in various teaching and administrative departments under the learned faculty and seasoned professionals.
Most of the internees from Latin America received different--and lesser--treatment than their US counterparts.
Internees "became very disillusioned about the British Tommy who they had long admired," Paul said.
13) The conditions at the latter are well documented, summarized briefly as confinement to a specific small sleeping space in the barracks, food deficient in quality and quantity, enforced work, wholly inadequate medical supplies and medical treatment, sparse irregular contact between internees and their families interned in the women's camp, repeated bullying and common physical assaults by guards, and an indifferent and uncaring administration (SG 10.
According to Owyoung, the museum has also hosted two anniversary celebrations, which have served as reunions for former internees and their descendants.
An inclusion criterion for 2nd group was internees who had undergone theory and clinical postings in psychiatry.
Adding dance was possible, he says, because, "these internees had to find ways of breaking the tension.
In the book, Henderson details the suffering of the internees at the cruel hands of the Japanese and the courage of the rescuers in carrying out the mission.
has been tracking down the internees pictured in wartime images by photographers like Dorothea Lange (who photographed Kitagaki's own family).
3, 1945, General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return and liberated the internees in UST.
Of the 3,500 internees housed in Stanley Camp, only 121 died during the period of their internment from January 1942 to August 1945.
How about an open letter highlighting the plight of young women being pimped as JobBridge internees training to highly-skilled skivvies for a lousy [euro]50 a week?
It describes internments from 1916 to 1920; Bloody Sunday and the internment roundup; the protection of wanted men; the murders of Joseph Tormey, Patrick Sloane, and Tadhg Barry; aspects of camp life and administration, including intelligence and communications, the post office, newsletters and photography, educational and recreational activities, and disputes between internees and the British military; the Irish Products League in the camp; escape attempts; the 1921 general election; the truce period; treaty negotiations; and the men's release from the camp.
This timeless novel gives the reader an intimate view of the relationships, determination, and survival of the nurses and other internees during their battle to stay alive and triumph over evil - Within The Walls of Santo Tomas.