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a person who is interned

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20, 250 former internees returned to the prairie where the internment camp used to stand to meet old friends and see their experiences memorialized in the Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center, a new educational facility which opened the same day.
Though some of the internees get absorbed in the very offices, thousands of them are dragged to unemployment owing to non-availability of funds or vacancies who doubt their future amidst prevailing unemployment situation.
According to the Venkateshwarsa Homeopathic Medical College, all female internees are required to wear sarees and male internees formal pants and shirt during the one-year compulsory resident internship.
While internees were allowed to take "leaves" for jobs anywhere in the country outside the coastal evacuation regions, the loss of dignity and livelihoods was often deeply depressing, and some detainees attempted or committed suicide.
Most men obtained permission from their wives to speak for them, although one internee stated 'I thought it would be taken for granted.
Moreover, he kept a private diary in which he wrote about his encounters with camp administrators, conversations and meetings with other internees, observations about current events, and the difficulties in his personal life.
PESHAWAR -- The internees of a software house working under IT Board Khyber Pakthunkhwa here on Wednesday demanded of the provincial government to take notice of deduction in their salaries.
I would add that first- and second-generation silence was officially broken during the 1981 hearings held by the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, in which former internees spoke up--many for the first time for the Congressional Record.
His early years as a wartime internee in a camp in Shanghai were the subject of the Spielberg film Empire of the Sun.
He said: "The story for that is partly set in Huddersfield during the Second World War and concerns the relationship between a Land Girl and an Italian internee.
Koch, too, discusses his experiences as an internee, which were similar to Igersheimer's, but at the same time provides a more comprehensive survey of internment policy.
FORMER Guantanamo Bay internee Moazzam Begg is to speak about his experiences at an event in Coventry
During the event, Gould met many former internees, including George Sakaguchi, a former internee who retired in St.
Tenders are invited for Construction of balance works of PG Gents and Ladies Hostel, UG ladies HosteNursing Hostel and internee Hostel including internal and external Electrical, PHE, fire fighting, developments works etc.