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Synonyms for internationalist

an advocate of internationalism

a member of a socialist or communist international

influenced by or advocating internationalism

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Pan American Women: US Internationalists and Revolutionary Mexico
Liberal internationalists, in contrast, support the spread of freedom through diplomacy and international institutions while reducing the use of military force to a "last resort.
A WELL-DOCUMENTED and timely work, Cheryl Higashida's Black Internationalist Feminism: Women Writers of the Black Left, 1945-1995 advances our knowledge of radical Black internationalism as it accounts for the contributions of women writers who were also activists and major contributors to that formulation.
The Internationalist was created in 2003 to connect people and share ideas in international advertising, marketing and media.
Examining a wide range of literature, this work on black internationalist feminism explores the ways in which African American women writers of the post World War II era influenced the wider discourse surrounding social and political revolution around the world and brought feminist issues to the fore in discussions of national liberation movements.
PHD, a global media and communications network, received seven awards at the Internationalists Awards for Innovation in Media held in New York.
The Internationalist Awards are the first International Digital Awards to be given based upon the geographic footprint of the campaign, specifically: a global campaign, a regional campaign, a local execution of a multinational campaign, and a local campaign worthy of international adaptation based upon world class standards.
Through opening the "black box" of state decisionmaking, Kastner suggests that "the political clout of internationalist economic interests within Taiwan's ruling coalition has acted as an important intervening variable influencing the relationship between cross-strait political conflict and Taiwan's cross-strait economic policy" (p.
This was because it conflicted with two other venerable internationalist principles: nonintervention in the domestic affairs of other nations; and the prevention of wars, which could be sparked by such interventions.
Celtic signed a replica jersey salesman called Zheng Zhi and Rangers opted to bring in French internationalist Jerome Rothen from Paris St Germain.
He also presents well the racist, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, nationalist, and cultural aspects of both internationalist and anti-internationalist positions, and the way religion fed into them all.
He opposed both the realist containment strategy of Richard Nixon and the liberal internationalist human rights campaign of Jimmy Carter.
The New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations has long been the leading internationalist "think tank" in the United States.
It's got an internationalist flair that's cool, and some great artwork, all wrapped in an appealing package.
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