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Synonyms for internationalism

the doctrine that nations should cooperate because their common interests are more important than their differences

quality of being international in scope

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Awareness is essential in not only fostering public support for our foreign policy of internationalism but also moral support for our troops.
By bringing the excellencies from the various countries, Pandor said her department wanted to expose the children to what their futures might look like if they work hard and follow the route of internationalism.
From political instructors in the Soviet Baltic Fleet of the 1920s and 1930s to theoretical debates about Zionism in a social-democratic journal from Imperial Germany, from Spanish-solidarity movements in Britain to grass-roots opposition to Nazism, the various chapters of the book provide case-studies of nationalism and internationalism in several specific historical contexts.
Ms Sturgeon said that in the "battle of ideas which is confronting many European countries", Scotland and its people had "consistently supported ideals of internationalism, European solidarity and co-operation".
When The Economist featured Donald Trump taking a wrecking ball to the world on its cover of 7 June 2018, it memorably encapsulated his presidency's frontal assault on the liberal internationalism that has framed American foreign policy since the Second World War.
Historically, internationalism has generally been the preserve of the left, starting with the French Revolutionaries' attempts to export their political project across Europe.
But interventionism is not the same thing as internationalism. Conflating the two collapses the distinction between quick and decisive use of force and thoughtful engagement with the world and its problems.
President Higgins said: "His life, his commitment to justice, his courage and his internationalism represented something that can only be described as Ireland and Australia at their best.
There was one thing common to these administrations, from the Reagan to present day Trump: All these administrations' foreign policy and international dealings were strongly based on Liberal Internationalism.
The Cold War image that the concept of exporting revolution has taken on has resulted in misunderstandings and underestimations of the true depth of Cuba's internationalism in the decades since the Cuban Revolution.
Keynote speakers, Dia Mirza, the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and Ambassador of Wildlife Trust in India, Dr Anand Gokani, endocrinologist and humanitarian, and Anuvab Pal, stand-up comedian, spoke on the theme linking it to the Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.
This does not preclude internationalism, which allows artists to depict themes that cross over continents and cultures.
Expect her to defend and promote the European Union as a bulwark of liberal internationalism
THIS COLLECTION PUT together by longtime scholar and activist Kim Scipes addresses labour internationalism in a time of accelerated globalization.
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