international jihad

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a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels


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Lorenzo Vidino's Al Qaeda In Europe: The New Battleground Of International Jihad (1591024331, $27.
Al Qaeda in Europe; the new battleground of international jihad.
Under the auspices of Saudi patronage, an international jihad movement was gestating unnoticed by the international community, which would soon be puzzled by the intensity and scope of the new claimants of radicalism.
The Taliban's victory in Afghanistan marked the first major triumph of this new form of international jihad, combining the foot soldiers provided by displaced Afghan refugees, the combat and organizational experience of Middle Eastern Islamic fighters, logistical support from Pakistan's intelligence services, and funding from members of the Saudi princely class.
Then there is the ugly rumor that this imaginary assault has been clandestinely orchestrated by the strategists of a "great replacement," with foreigners supplanting native Europeans, or, worse, by agents of an international jihad, in which today's migrants are tomorrow's terrorists on bullet trains.
Even so, with Western support and guarantees for protection, the Houthis could well serve as a containment force, diverting AQAP's attention from waging international jihad and spreading beyond Yemen into the Arabian Peninsula, since the group's primary goal is to unite Yemen as an Islamist state.
We have agreed to join the international jihad of al Qaeda .
But the international jihad has no such arrangement and places like the Millennium Stadium which will house the FA Cup this year could be seen as targets.
Summary: It was supposed to be a warning about the perils of joining the international jihad.
His 2007 documentary "Recycle" profiles a once Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant from the village of Zarqa who, in the wake of his falling-out with international jihad, is literally recycling his belief system while running an Amman recycling company.
A recent recruitment video focused on corruption and the failings of the Yemeni government, as opposed to international jihad.
We have agreed to join the international jihad of Al-Qaeda C* We have also agreed to unite Al-Shabaab and Kamboni mujahideen to liberate the Eastern and Horn of Africa community who are under the feet of minority Christians," the statement said.
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