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Try to isolate the internal secretion of these to relieve glycosurea" (10).
By ligating the ducts and allowing time for the degeneration of the acinar cells, Banting hoped to obtain the internal secretion of the islet cells free from the destructive action of trypsin and other pancreatic enzymes in the external secretion of the acinar cells.
Although he concluded that there was an internal secretion of the pancreas, he believed it might never be separated in a pancreatic extract.
Macleod pointed out that many eminent scientists had tried to isolate this hormone and failed, without obtaining any conclusive evidence of the existence of an internal secretion (17).
He studied vasoconstriction, and amplified Bordeu's concept of internal secretions into what we call hormones today and he first promoted the use of bromides in epilepsy.
Some oral and ear spot-check thermometers used in hospitals and at home, besides having the problem of entering the body and contacting internal secretions, predict temperature instead of measuring, leading to underestimating or overestimating temperature.
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