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For an example, consider the internal representation of extremely small floating-point numbers on various platforms.
Also the external representations have some possibilities to be reconstructed with the change of learners' internal representation.
The "work" of mourning, which may take years, requires the restructuring of internal representations in which the deceased has a central role, he said.
High-level perception is solved through generation, tracking and confirmation of hypothesis about the environment, which are maintained in an stable internal representation tuned with the agent movements.
The biological 'circadian' clock provided both animals and humans with a vital internal representation of time, he said.
So if a number is displayed using two decimal places, Excel still maintains it internally to 15 decimal places, and it calculates using the internal representation.
Export a workflow definition from the vendor's internal representation to XPDL.
They concluded that spatial ability allowed high spatial learners to devote more cognitive resources to building referential connections between visual (graphical) and verbal representations of the presented material, whereas low-spatial ability learners had to devote more cognitive resources to building representational connections between visually presented materials and its internal representation (Mayer & Sims, 1994).
The techniques explored in the semantic phase of this work include the use of a case grammar and frames (Schank & Abelson, 1977; Schank & Riesbeck, 1981) to map the surface structure of the text into an internal representation from which the RIFs can be formed.
Homebuilders showed a high level of internal representation on their boards.
Open Competition: Performance of the research work on the development of software tools for compiling programs written in JavaScript, implementing pre-compilation, and dynamic compilation in a statically typed internal representation.
Within the embodied approach to cognition, there are several noteworthy thinkers who off-load internal representation onto the information available in the external environment, e.
If Oprah engaged in this simply five-minute intentional-self creation practice before each meal, she would not only change her shape, she'd change her dominant internal representation of self - the entity making her menu selections.
Through a tight integration with Rational Apex Ada, Rational's premiere Ada development environment, TestMate uses the Apex environment's internal representation of the program's structure allowing for thorough and complete analysis of the software being verified.
Our internal representation of our self is a neural composite of the common elements in these records the "you" factor in the equation, so to speak.
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