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It shows that the nature of the demands and internal representation are merely expanding the factors proposed in Oliver's model.
students would have already established the abstract internal representation system for equivalent fractions, there was no explicit planned teaching action involving the C-V & V-P-A for these two parts of the Lesson.
Drawing is 'a form of iconic representation that reflects the distinctive features of the represented experience (Bruner, 1964), a graphic image that represents what children know, not what they see (Piaget, 1969), and a graphic speech that conceptualises an internal representation of story (Vygotsky, 1978)' (Kendrick & McKay, 2002, pp.
This socialisation enables multiple opportunities for the discussion and questioning of understandings of phenomenon, negotiation of external representations based on the learners internal representations, resulting in making meaning of the science phenomenon.
The process of 'concretizing' can be associated with the construction of an internal representation and can involve the process of reducing the level of abstraction.
Through classroom discourse and various experiences, teachers facilitate interaction between external representations and the students' internal representation systems and assist the students in the process of building into their internal mental structure the images of the external representations (Goldin & Shteingold, 2001, p.
Clark reviews research and provides a theoretical perspective, that reveals (mostly) human minds as economically exploiting their environment in ways that minimize the demands for internal representation when the environment itself can do the required work.
The implication of the representational mapping hypothesis in the present context is that if the desired internal representation of numerical magnitudes is a linear number line, then playing the number game with a linear board should promote greater learning of numerical magnitudes than playing the identical game with a circular board.
Given a corpus of annotated user utterances, statistical algorithms calculate the internal representation of the transformation algorithms.
88) states that as a result of an internal representation of their bodies and parts, macaques "gradually come to mentally regard their hands and arms, and then their entire bodies, from a third-person perspective" Isn't that a good definition of self-awareness, one of the supposed differences between humans and other animals and between humans and machines?
The theoretical model proposes that faulty proprioceptive input disrupts the internal representation of the limb.
For students enrolled in an introductory programming course the demands of learning language syntax and mastering the art of progressing from a stated problem to pseudocode, and on to a well-written computer program often leave little classroom time for issues like internal representation of numbers and the impact that representation has on numerical precision.
Initial processing of input (a) involves special-purpose "front ends" that in the model are carried out by (well-studied) Gabor filters and edge-detection methods, producing a first internal representation of sequences as seen in figure 4.
An internal representation of the external world is created in the brain of all eukaryotes by a mechanism that detects chemicals in the environment.
That is, problem solvers construct an internal representation of the problem, known as the problem space (Newell & Simon, 1972).
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