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Synonyms for emulsion

(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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PolyBDDMA polyHIPE was obtained by the cross-linking of a HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase.
Patent 7,001,548 (February 21, 2006), "Method for Manufacture of Porous Product From Molded High Internal Phase Emulsion," Katsuhiko Sakamoto and Masazumi Sasabe (Nippon Shokubai Co.
High internal phase emulsion (HIPE) copolymer and interpenetrating network foams were prepared from 2-ethylhexyl acrylate (EHA), styrene (S) and divinylbenzene (DVB) using a unique process.
DARA is working with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to design an additional clinical trial under joint DARA-NCI auspices while considering further internal Phase 2 development.
Internal phase locked loops (PLLs) reduce component count.
The composition is comprised of a first stripe comprising a cleansing phase comprising a surfactant and water; and at least one additional stripe comprising a benefit phase that contains a high internal phase emuision.
These single chip buck converters combine low on-state resistance (R(DS)(ON)) internal MOSFETs using synchronous rectification with internal phase compensation to achieve high efficiency with a minimum of external components," said Jeff Lo, business development manager, Discrete Power Devices, for TAEC.
On the one hand, these procedures uncover the internal phase structure of the fibers, On the other hand, they result in fibers with interesting surface topologies as shown in Fig.
To construct this simple emulsion, the internal phase is added to the outer phase with high agitation mixing such as disper blending or homogenization.
During the first quarter, we began dosing the first cohort of subjects in our internal Phase I study for catheter-associated urinary tract infections and are pleased that the results showed that NVC-422 was well tolerated in the bladder.