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Internal hernias are defined by the protrusion of a viscus through a natural or acquired peritoneal or mesenteric aperture within the confines of the peritoneal cavity (5).
Internal hernias result from the extension of the intestine through a deffect within the peritoneum or mesentery (1).
Trans mesenteric type of hernias constitute 5% to 8% of cases of internal hernias. [3] Despite congenital origin, an asymptomatic congenital internal hernia can be diagnosed in adulthood.
In the operating room, an internal hernia with closed loop obstruction was confirmed and resulted from herniation of small bowel through an adhesion of a transverse colon epiploic appendage to the ascending colon mesentery.
Suter, "Internal hernia after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity: a continuous challenge in bariatric surgery," Obesity Surgery, vol.
Other causes were colonic tumor 9%, volvulus 7%, paralytic ileus 4%, internal hernias 3% and intossusceptions 2%.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Axial plane, (b) coronal reconstruction, (c, d) sagittal reconstruction of abdominal MDCT exam showing a case of internal hernia, a left side paraduodenal hernia (white arrow).
The cause of perforation was rejection in three patients, CMV infection in two patients, and donor duodenal ulcer, intestinal obstruction by an internal hernia, ischemic necrosis at the anastomosis, and compression necrosis due to the tip of an intestinal decompression tube in one patient each.
The position of the PHS connector in internal hernia ring and lateral position of spermatic cord through onlay patch after placement of underlay patch could be an important factor in 'squeezing' the nerves in the original technique(14,15).
Causes of SBO include adhesion, internal hernia, volvulus and intussusception [1].
"Long-term complications after Rouxen-Y gastric bypass are essentially limited to anastomotic strictures and bowel obstructions and symptomatic internal hernia." Most strictures were not considered major complications, requiring only endoscopic dilatation.