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Synonyms for intermittent

Synonyms for intermittent

happening or appearing now and then

Words related to intermittent

stopping and starting at irregular intervals

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Baxter Regional Medical Center Home Health Intermittent Skilled
continuous feeding (CF, 24 hours feeding), intermittent feeding (IF, 1 h feed and 3 h off feed) and feed withdrawal (FW, no feed from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) were used for the study.
annua, without intermittent medium replenishment, was the highest with 64.
Despite the survival differences seen in the study, the investigators noted that their findings were statistically inconclusive and that they could not rule out that the relative increase in the risk of death with intermittent versus continuous ADT was as high as 20 percent.
1986) its use is limited to single supramaximal intermittent jogging (ie,> vVO2 max) including changes in direction (COD) as predominantly implemented in team (Dupont et al, 2004) or tennis (Fernandez-Fernandez et al, 2011).
Workers were no more likely to take intermittent leave on a Monday or Friday than they were on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, the analysts said.
We can conclude that intermittent AD is not as effective as continuous AD in men with metastatic prostate cancer," he said.
In addition, the mean cumulative exposure to budesonide was reduced significantly (by 104 mg) over the year-long treatment period in the intermittent vs.
Many light patterns have been applied so far, such as twenty four hours continuous light, light and dark periods, intermittent lighting programs and different colors of light to rear broilers.
Christopher Logothetis, chair of genitourinary medical oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, said in an interview that another trial is unlikely to be conducted and that the current findings make intermittent therapy the preferred treatment.
Feasibility and outcome of clean intermittent catheterization for children with sensate urethra.
The aim of this study was to compare continuous and intermittent filling cystometry with a filling rate of 50 ml/min in patients with spinal cord injury who had detrusor overactivity.
To determine whether intermittent hypoxia (IH) and chronic hypoxia (CH) would have different metabolic effects, Dr.
Although it is plausible that SDB, through mechanisms of enhanced intermittent sympathetic nervous activation, intermittent hypoxia, ventilatory overshoot hyperoxia, and sleep disruption may lead to alterations in lipid metabolism; the clarity of these mechanistic pathways and degree by which obesity mediates these relationships continue to be active areas of investigation.
In this study we evaluated the effects of intermittent feeding protocol of the calorie restriction in a mouse model of EAE.