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the quality of being intermittent

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Intermittency is defined as the scale invariance of factorial moments with respect to changes in the size of phase-space cells or bins (say [delta]y), for small enough [delta]y,
Back-up is necessary because of the intermittency of renewable energy.
Gerry Jewson, the chief executive of onshore wind energy firm West Coast Energy, said that the report had shown "real understanding" of the issues A Welsh Government spokesman said: "The development of Wylfa B is a vital component of our wider energy future in providing a constant energy source to complement the intermittency of renewable sources."
It can most effectively address the challenges posed by RE's intermittency and its technology's inability to immediately bridge the gap between the demand for and supply of energy.
"In the UAE, whilst they are bringing down gas in the overall power generation mix, gas will play an important role in addressing that intermittency problem because clearly the sun doesn't shine 24 hours a day.
However, in an energy-hungry world marked by a spiralling demand for electricity, the intermittency of renewable power means one cannot rely upon
The cumulative capacity factor of renewable energy projects can be increased up to 50pc by installing wind/solar hybrid plants, which will reduce the intermittency factor and make investments in high-voltage transmission facilities justifiable
The CellCube system will serve to overcome renewable intermittency and act as a buffer between demand and supply of energy.
To ensure energy is added to the grid continuously and to avoid costly power-cuts, energy suppliers need to make up for renewable intermittency. 'Instant backup electricity is generated from technologies such as hydropower and legacy gas-fired plants that are on spinning reserve,' explains Aflaki.
Ironically, the mnemonic is 'FUNWISE:' F is for frequency, U for urgency, N for nocturia (how often you need to get up at night to pee), W for weak stream, I for intermittency, S for straining, and E for incomplete emptying.
With the massive-scale renewable energy (RE) development of 15,300 megawatts that the Philippines has been aiming for, technological solutions that shall be in the combination of flexible gas-fired power plants and battery storage are needed to manage and spare the grid from interruptions that could be triggered by RE's intermittency predicament.
With renewable energy set to reach 20 percent of the nation's total electricity produced by Taipower by 2025, the company will work to incorporate AI with big data analysis of weather information and energy storage, so as to address issues of intermittency, a problem that often arises with renewable energy sources.
We have to install special equipment in the grid to deal with the issues of volatility and intermittency of renewable energy sector.
In the circumstances of hadron physics, it allows a new understanding on the intermittency effect [23-28] observed in high energy data, determines the related fractal dimension, and connects this effect to other features of high energy experimental data, such as self-similarity [29-31], long-tail distributions [8], and mass spectrum [12].