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Synonyms for intermittent

Synonyms for intermittent

happening or appearing now and then

Words related to intermittent

stopping and starting at irregular intervals

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The intermittences become more out of sync as his physical state degenerates the farther along he goes.
A consideration of the intermittences of the heart, the negatively inflected involuntary memories of attachment felt after the grandmother's death, surely have a place in an account of Proustian chronolibido.
Les intermittences (Carrel, Neveu et Ion 2009) de sa manifestation dans les exercices democratiques formels ne doit pas cacher la permanence de son actualisation dans les comportements quotidiens.
Les intermittences survenaient seulement a l'occasion des evenements saccades de la revolution egyptienne.
Pasco puzzles over the "holes" in A la recherche du temps perdu, but these clearly result from the anonymous protagonist's "intermittences du coeur," which Proust theorizes.
A collage of classical music accompanies Roland Petit's epic Proust ou les intermittences du coeur.
Perhaps this is true; but, even so, some of the more famous passages capture the poetry of the game so exquisitely that they have to stir something in any lover of the game: "Baseball, with its graceful intermittences of action, its immense and tranquil field sparsely settled with poised men in white, its dispassionate mathematics, seems to me best suited to accommodate, and be ornamented by, a loner.
Since 1951, he trained with intermittences Politehnica Timisoara team, promoting it in division A in 1952.
through intermittences of sullemn fulminance solemn nuptialism,