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the quality of being intermittent

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This happens for several reasons, such as the loss of working relations and/or the intermittence of leisure activities, the deterioration of family bonds, the instability of affective relationships: "today, I say that if it weren't for my wife, I'd be living on the streets .
Note that the collected value might be null due to the instability of data acquisition equipment and the intermittence of wind fleet, so operators need to remove these "dirty" data.
The intermittence of solar and wind resources require a significant increase of storage capacity to balance electricity generation and consumption at every moment in time.
Both Al-Homsi and Jurdi note that the seasonal intermittence in water supply -- a yearly occurrence in Lebanon -- is also a potential source of water contamination.
Offer flexible assessment arrangements, sick leave, deferment and intermittence, family-friendly timetabling and recognition of prior learning.
One approach to improve MESHJOIN is a partitionbased join algorithm [17] that can also deal with stream intermittence.
These aspects are responsible for the annual and interannual instability of the rain patterns and, while associated with high rates of surface water evaporation, constitute intermittence and seasonal processes affecting the river network ecosystem of this region.
They provide city inhabitants with safely limited systems of knowing about a place (33) but prevent them from a recognition of the potentially transformative eroticism of urban fragmentariness and the experience of its exciting intermittence.
TES technologies are important to accelerate market penetration of CSP plants, overcoming the limitation due to the intermittence of the solar source.
The negative relation between storage capacity and pineapple area may be due to the water requirements for this crop are satisfied by the water available with the precipitation levels in the area, decreasing dependency from the MUS to support water crop requirements, and thus, from storage due to the service intermittence in this system.
The problem of the intermittence of renewable energy has not been solved, he explains, and "this situation is leading to under-investment in basic production capacities.
Apres un premier quart d'heure tres interessant, oE les occasions se sont enchaEnees, les Parisiens sont retombes dans les travers qu'ils avaient deja affiche par intermittence la saison passee, comme a Evian-Thonon-Gaillard en Coupe de France.
High construction costs and the intermittence of wind and solar can hinder their economic competitiveness, but improved battery storage technology and dispersing wind and solar facilities over wide areas “could help to mitigate some of the problems associated with intermittency over the projection period,” the report notes.
La journee s'ecoule tranquillement, un silence religieux regne parmi les pecheurs, coupe seulement par intermittence par le bruit des vagues qui s'ecrasent sur les rochers et aussi celui des bandes de jeunes qui viennent en fin d'apres-midi pour jouer au foot.
Due to the wind's randomness, intermittence and seasons lead to the output of wind power not smoothly, so that the stability and security of the electric power system will be reduced.