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This is one of the greatest recommendations of the training system, which, if our advice could be followed by young men, we would have never intermitted through life.
In dynamic grinding, it was subjected to the complicated intermitted machining and there was a great impact when the grit hit the workpiece, so the wearing surface differed in shape and size compared with that in the static condition, and (4) cannot reflect the real response.
Annual precipitation, precipitation in July and August, and the number of successive dry days intermitted by days with precipitation at the start of the rainy season in the four geographical locations in Brazil; lOOseed mass, seed length, width and thickness for the four accessions.
The case of the Lomgarn is instructive, since two long periods of stability were intermitted by quite drastic change.
Continuous, intermitted and sporadic motor unit activity in the trapezius muscle during prolonged computer work.
(182.) See VON SAVIGNY, supra note 180, at 157 (arguing that a period of nonenforcement will not give rise to desuetude where no occasions for enforcement have occurred; a custom of nonenforcement can only develop when "cases [for enforcement] [have] actually arisen and nevertheless the application of the written law been intermitted").
The three days of Redcrosse's dragon fight, intermitted with his restoration by the Well and the Tree of Life, identify it with the three days between Christ's death and resurrection, during which He overcomes the Old Dragon, as Satan is called in Revelation chapter 19.
The NFs are transported in the slow axonal transport component [170, 171], which results from binding to the fast motor proteins kinesin and dynein intermitted with prolonged pauses [172-174].
However, this time round instead of the airstream escaping through intermitted release phases as in the case of repetitive contacts for the trill--which are characterised by contact of tip of tongue with the alveolar ridge and release of this contact over and over again--it now escapes on the sides of the tongue, hence lateral, and with a lot of turbulence, hence fricative.
When a disc is corrupted but still playable, the extracted signal will be often characterized by impulsive noises, sometimes intermitted with entire sets of consecutive missing samples.
The reason is that the money supply was intermitted and its execution needs huge credit.
The presentation of target cues was intermitted by periods of random length, 1.75 to 2.25 s, in which the subject could relax.