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But the time went by, and the dinner went by, and he never opened his mouth to speak, while the ministers talked interminably about the working class and its relation to the church, and what the church had done and was doing for it.
He more than intimated that it was at his option to concoct a liquid that should prolong life for years, perhaps interminably; but that it would produce a discord in Nature which all the world, and chiefly the quaffer of the immortal nostrum, would find cause to curse.
He walked at her, raging, as if blind; during these three quick strides he lost touch of the material world and was whirled interminably through a kind of empty universe made up of nothing but fury and anguish, till he came suddenly upon her face--very close to his.
The long, long stress of a gale does it; the suspense of the interminably culminating catastrophe; and there is a bodily fatigue in the mere holding on to existence within the excessive tumult; a searching and insidious fatigue that penetrates deep into a man's breast to cast down and sadden his heart, which is incorrigible, and of all the gifts of the earth -- even before life itself -aspires to peace.
When she opened them again several more hours had passed, but the night still lasted interminably. The woman was still playing cards, only she sat now in a tunnel under a river, and the light stood in a little archway in the wall above her.
As noted by market analysts, the continued forecast of global economic slowdown interminably sparks off the softening of prices in the world market - with just some sporadic geopolitical events precipitating hikes in prices at times.
Conversely when waiting for good news: job application result, refund from an insurance or utility company, then Earth adopts the Venus yearly cycle (243 days = 1 Earth day) and drags interminably. The latter cycle seems to apply regarding Benexit.
HYDERABAD -- The torrential downpour and hailstorm lashed Hyderabad on Tuesday evening with the rainfall continuing interminably for more than an hour.
Flop is interminably patient and would never hide in the bathroom eating crisps.
After several stuttering series, Walking Dead has been enjoying a real return to form, making great headway from the all-out war nonsense that seemed to drag on interminably.
Such instances of covert patronage and discrimination have interminably corroded the airlines performance and reputation bringing it to the brink of ruin.
Standing is a very good first step -- no pun intended -- to avoid this mindset of sitting interminably without moving.
FLATPACK EMPIRE BBC2, 9pm EVER got lost on Ikea's 'yellow brick road' that winds interminably round its warehouse?
FLATPACK EMPIRE BBC2, 9PM EVER got lost on Ikea's "yellow brick road" that winds interminably around its warehouse?
Paul Fishwick at Ikea Warrington FLATPACK EMPIRE BBC2, 9pm EVER got lost on Ikea's 'yellow brick road' that winds interminably round its warehouse?