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The long, long stress of a gale does it; the suspense of the interminably culminating catastrophe; and there is a bodily fatigue in the mere holding on to existence within the excessive tumult; a searching and insidious fatigue that penetrates deep into a man's breast to cast down and sadden his heart, which is incorrigible, and of all the gifts of the earth -- even before life itself -aspires to peace.
When she opened them again several more hours had passed, but the night still lasted interminably.
It soured interminably with the onset of the 1990's war in Afghanistan with Iran extending support to the Northern Alliance and Pakistan backing the Taliban.
Paul Fishwick at Ikea Warrington FLATPACK EMPIRE BBC2, 9pm EVER got lost on Ikea's 'yellow brick road' that winds interminably round its warehouse?
FLATPACK EMPIRE BBC2, 9PM EVER got lost on Ikea's "yellow brick road" that winds interminably around its warehouse?
Standing is a very good first step -- no pun intended -- to avoid this mindset of sitting interminably without moving.
The three-and-a-half-year journey to earn my Associate of Applied Science in nursing with high honors has been both interminably long and amazingly short.
While energy policy received little attention from either candidate through the interminably long campaign, Trump when he addressed the industry said things that resonated with coal miners, oil and gas producers and drillers.
Another delay then would confirm the prime minister's intention to stretch out the process interminably, giving insiders time to change the minds of enough British citizens and then call for another referendum on the matter.
Kenzo designers and Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are bringing their interminably cool style to the racks of the Swedish retail giant - and the collection will be here soon.
It cannot interminably keep shifting money belonging to the common man to the pockets of the lazy Elite.
In his commentary, 'Reforming our ineffectual justice system' (Opinion, 7/5/16), Rene Azurin wrote: 'Those who've had occasion to engage the justice system in this country inevitably become aware of how cases can be made to drag on interminably and how decisions can be bought and sold.
It's a hugely ambitious film with amazing visuals, but it bores on interminably and the ending will have you hooting with derision.
JF[pounds sterling]5 adopts a flexible philosophy and interminably enhancing their website and aligning logistics for better efficiency and experience for the consumer.
AND so, after a General Election campaign that has been rumbling on interminably for most of the year, the time for the politicians to talk is over, and the time for you to vote is here.