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Synonyms for intermediate

Synonyms for intermediate

someone who acts as an intermediate agent in a transaction or helps to resolve differences

Synonyms for intermediate

a substance formed during a chemical process before the desired product is obtained

act between parties with a view to reconciling differences

lying between two extremes in time or space or state


around the middle of a scale of evaluation

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Triplet formation by non-geminate charge recombination of free-charge carriers that are created in ~0.2 ps implies the intermediacy of bound electron hole pairs (also called polaron pairs).
It is assumed that the reaction takes place by the intermediacy of the diazonium ion 5 formed from 2-(oaminophenyl)oxazoline (3) using a large excess of isoamyl nitrite in order to ensure formation of the diazonium salt (Scheme 1).
Through time-space compression (Harvey, 1990) and intermedial convergence, digital media subtly restructure time consciousness, in what Emily Keightley (2012) calls "zones of intermediacy" in which different temporalities are combined.
She covers myth and religion in the interpretation of Eros in the Symposium; the development of the concept of poverty from deficiency to abundance; the intermediacy of Eros; metaphysics, motion, and morality; poverty in the ascent to the vision of beauty; and catharsis and the purification of Eros.
Thus, despite promoting theories of sexual and gender intermediacy, Carpenter curtailed his associations of the socially useful male invert with femininity and derided men who manifested too much of this element, who were, from his perspective, too abnormal to be recuperated.
Many published keys acknowledge intermediacy if not overlap between these taxa in all of these characters (Table 2; reviewed by Parkinson 1979).
This is, as it were, a super-art which, without the intermediacy of Ideas at all, directly articulates ultimate reality.
For Hepp, mediatization is not an overriding social and cultural process, but must be related to three other major social and cultural processes or dimensions, namely, individualization (the requirement placed on individuals to form their identity more reflexively, without the strong guidance of tradition, class or other collective attachments), deterritorialization (the decoupling of culture from its former physical or territorial settings) and the coming of intermediacy (a "culture of instantaneity" or of "telepresence", due to new digital media such as mobile phones; see Tomlinson 2007, who himself uses the concept of 'immediacy' in this context instead of 'intermediacy').
intermediacy between the leaders and marginalized convergence
Defining Intermediacy of Motivational Beliefs in the Children Creativity Model With An Attitude Towards Familial and School Variables and Attributive Beliefs In The Primary School Students.
Zhang and Chen [25] in their study called "leadership development and organizational citizenship behavior: intermediacy of autonomy, supervision and organizational identity" concluded that 469 of the supervisors had a fair organizational citizenship behavior response.
Bicarbonate enhances alphasynuclein oligomerization and nitration: intermediacy of carbonate radical anion and nitrogen dioxide radical.
Ragsdale, "Mechanism of the Clostridium thermoaceticum pyruvate: ferredoxin oxidoreductase: evidence for the common catalytic intermediacy of the hydroxyethylthiamine pyropyrosphate radical," Biochemistry, vol.